3 Essential Items Every Groom Needs

With the big day looming and excitement in the air, it’s time to think wedding suits. Often the focus is all on the bridal gown and the fine details put into every aspect of the bride’s outfit. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, all complete her look. 

But why can’t the groom’s outfit be just as jaw-dropping and significant on the special day? Nowadays, grooms are straying away from the black suit and tie look. They are opting for something more eye-catching and with added details to make their suit stand out alongside the bridal dress. 

Your big day is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, and with a photographer capturing all the special moments, it’s essential you look back and reminisce without wondering, “what was I thinking?” 


A small detail that goes a long way. To wear a suit correctly and with true style, your jacket’s arm length should be shorter than your shirt arm length, therefore showing your buttonholes. More often than not, cufflinks are forgotten about. However, this minor detail really pulls a suits’ look together. 

They are not only functional but also allow you to show off your personality. Buy cufflinks that tie in with the theme of the wedding or match details on your soon to be wife’s dress. You can even wear cufflinks that are designed in a shape or with a symbol that shows your vocation or hobbies. Furthermore, you can personalize them with significant dates, like your wedding day date or the first time you met.

Most importantly, don’t forget them on the big day!

Tie or Bow Tie With Matching Pocket Square

One of the most crucial parts of a wedding suit for the groom is a tie or bow tie. Without this, your outfit will look extremely casual. You wouldn’t go to a business meeting without wearing a tie so you definitely shouldn’t attend your wedding without one. 

A tie or bow tie traditionally worn would be black. However, it’s in trend to wear something more interesting. Have fun with textures and patterns to lift your suit and be part of the wedding theme and colors.

If you do opt for a black tie wedding, you can still mix it up by choosing a material that makes you stand out from the crowd or tie your neckpiece with a more elaborate knot. A tie is another aspect of your suit that is easily personalized with embroidery for that special keepsake for years to come. 

Match your tie or bow tie with a pocket square to complete the look, and you are wedding ready! 

Significant Accessories

Keeping in mind that you will be wearing a wedding ring and most likely a flower on your lapel, it’s important to make your day even more special by taking along and wearing significant accessories. These may be family heirlooms like a pocket watch or items that represent loved ones who you have lost, such as a button sewn into your suit from their wedding attire. 

There are endless possibilities as to what you could do to make your day even more personal. These sentimental items will be sure to comfort you throughout the busy day and bring you endless joy when you look back together on how special every detail of your wedding was. 

Your new bride will have is sure to follow this tradition, so don’t feel like you can’t too. The smallest things can often be the most significant!

Be Prepared for Your Special Day

As much as you love your bride, don’t be shadowed by her dress. When the time comes to take your vows, you should aim to look amazing together. Besides, the day is for both of you! 

Make sure you are both happy and comfortable in your suit. Add small details to bring your look together and personalize your attire where possible to make it as much a part of the wedding as anything else involved. 

By remembering these details, you’re sure to be a dashing groom and not be embarrassed in years to come about your appearance on your wedding day.