3 Tips For Finding Quality Drivers to Employ

If you’re a business owner or someone in charge of making hiring decision for your company, it can be hard to know how to pick the right people to bring on your team. Especially with people’s abilities to embellish their resumes or put on a different face during an interview, it can be a challenge to know if the person you think you’re hiring is actually the person you’re going to get once they start working for you. Luckily, with things like hiring a delivery driver or other type of transportation specialist, there are a few things you can do or check to ensure you’re getting a quality employee. So to help ensure you hire the right candidate, here are three tips for finding quality drivers to employ.

Check Their Record

If the position you’re hiring for requires the person to drive on a regular basis, you better be sure that the candidate you’re considering has a solid driving record. According to RecruiterBox.com, a clean driving record is a must for a driver working for your company. By checking their driving record before you choose to hire them, you can see whether or not they’ve had problems with accidents, obeying laws, or other traffic violations before they become your responsibility as an employee.

Ask About Customer Service

Along with being a responsible and courteous driver, many delivery or other types of drivers also will be required to have a small amount of face-time with your clients or customers. If this is the case for your business, Alison Doyle, a contributor to The Balance, shares that you’ll also want to ask them about their experience with customer service. If you have a good interview with the candidate and are able to take the time to really get to know them, you should be able to tell if they have enough interpersonal skills to showcase good customer service on behalf of your company.

Consider The Car

For some businesses, a company car will be provided when making deliveries. But with other businesses, the employee will have to use their own car and then get reimbursed for gas, mileage, and wear-and-tear. If your business falls under the latter category, Robert Hall, a contributor to Small Business Bonfire, advises that you consider the car the employee will be driving. This employee will serve as the face of your business. So if their car put your business in a negative light, you may want to consider going in a different direction or finding another option that will work better with your brand and image.

If you have to hire a driver to work for your business, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make the right hire the first time around.