4 Occasions That Call for New Business Footwear

Whether you’re the boss or a sales professional looking to increase the company’s bottom line, there’s a time and place to take a good look at your wardrobe. That includes the shoes that you wear to work. No business outfit is complete without the right footwear. If you doubt that, consider these four occasions and how as new pair of Blundstone shoes for men and women could make a difference.

Speaking at the Local Chamber of Commerce Meeting

You’ve been asked to be the keynote speaker for a chamber of commerce event. Much of your attention is focused on preparing a speech that will inform, entertain, and in general be helpful for those in attendance. Along with the speech preparation, you do want to pay close attention to your attire. That includes your shoes.

The goal is to project the image of a successful business professional. That means you must look the part from head to toe. Along with the new outfit that you picked out for the event, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. You’ll look a little nicer, something that will likely help you fee more comfortable in front a gathering of people.

Preparing to Meet That VIC

While you’ve had phone conversations and exchanged emails with that very important client, this is the first time the two of you will meet face to face. While much of the attention is on the subject matter of the meeting, it helps to show up in business attire that projects an air of confidence and competence. Leave your older pair of shoes at home and invest in a new pair of <a href=”https://www.walkingonacloud.ca/shop-brands/keen.html”>shoes by Keen</a> for this meeting. You’ll be glad that you did.

Representing Your Employer at a Trade Show or Convention

You’ve been tapped to be part of a small group of employees who will represent the company at a trade show or convention. That means spending a good bit of time at the corporate exhibit booth. In this scenario, you have two goals for the choice of footwear: the shoes must look professional and they absolutely must provide plenty of support. Setting for anything less will mean sore feet and legs at the end of the day.

Making a Trip to Present a Proposal

Your company has pursued a lucrative account for a few months now. That included all sorts of emails, conference calls, and preparing a formal proposal that’s in compliance with the RFP that the prospective customer sent out to you and to some of the competition. The choices have been narrowed down to two and your company is one of them. Now it’s time to fly to the prospect and make an appeal in person.

You can bet that looking sharp will help your case. While you outline all the reasons why your company is the best choice, rest assured that everything from your hairstyle to your shoes are also making an impression. It’s up to you to ensure how you look makes the right type of impression.

You don’t really need a reason to justify buying new shoes for work. The fact that you would like another pair is reason enough. Even so, special occasions do call for special measures. If you have one coming up, consider investing in new shoes. They may prove more helpful than you anticipated.