How To Keep Business Shipping Costs Down

Managing your shipping costs is essential, but ensuring your shipments arrive on time safe and sound and keeping business shipping costs down at the same time can be a bit of a challenge. But keeping business shipping costs down doesn’t mean restricting where you send your shipments, or adjusting the price of your products in order to cover the additional charge. In fact, keeping business shipping costs down is easier than it appears. More often than not, carriers are more than happy to negotiate a fair shipping rate suitable for you, and the carrier. Plus, websites such as give businesses the opportunity to find the best cheap parcel delivery on the market – no matter how urgently the delivery may be! Here’s how else businesses can reduce their shipping costs:

Negotiate shipping rates

It’s no surprise that a number of carriers realise that once you start using a specific company for shipping, the inconvenience and expense to switch is likely to keep you coming back in the future. Because of this, several companies will provide their loyal customers with incredible incentives to secure you as an account. But, these incentives won’t always be handed to you on a plate – sometimes you’ll need to ask!

Depending on the countries or regions you are shipping to, you may have to negotiate with different providers to get the best rates. Road freight from Germany to Slovenia, for example, could incur costs different from freight shipping to the UK or India. So, if your company ships to multiple countries, you may have to partner up with various service providers for timely delivery.

Top tip: Even if you are not looking to switch carriers, it’s a great idea to price compare every now and then to ensure you are getting the best rate, and nothing less than the competition is offering. Most logistics services offer all the important information on their websites, for example, CSA transportation’s homepage. You could pull up many such pages side by side and compare. Shortlist a few, then call them up and ask for a quote to see what the market is like right now.

Use their equipment

Many major carriers can and will provide a range of software and equipment to accommodate your company including computers, scales and printers suitable for all your parcel delivery needs. Depending on the volume of the parcels you send, as well as what you negotiate, a number of carriers will provide these goods free-of-charge or find grant money to reduce the overall cost.

Shop around for business shipping supplies

Saving big money on your shipping costs doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it have to involve cheating the system – Shopping around for packing supplies can significantly keep business shipping costs down too! So much so, in fact, that you could save up to 30%.

Seek shipping refunds

Another great way to save money and keep business shipping costs down is in the on-time shipment promises provided by reputable carriers, similar to Seaway Logistics (, for example. While most carriers are incredibly effective, the time of year can majorly affect guarantees and the time of your shipment’s arrival – and you may be entitled to a refund. During peak shipment seasons, such as the upcoming weeks to Christmas when merchants are frantically ordering seasonal stock and shipping goods left, right, and centre, your shipment may be delayed. While it is possible to find the best cheap delivery available on the market if your goods don’t arrive on time, be sure to get a refund! After all, you have paid for a ‘guaranteed’ service that you didn’t receive.

Ship more on your account

Did you know that most, if not all, shipping rates are based on volume? Because of this, it benefits you to ship as much product on your account as you can – including the arrival of both raw materials and supplies! While it’s not always possible, when it is you should contact the same vendors to ship your products or supplies. Many will be more than happy to do so, and it also removes any fee you may be paying on top of the cost.