How to Get Cash for Your Old Apple Tech

Apple are one of the leading companies when it comes to the tech game. In fact, you probably already own one or more Apple devices such as tablets, iPhones, desktop computers, or laptops. But with Apple, as with many of their competitors, their products and technology is constantly being upgraded and new models are released on a regular basis. For this reason, you probably have old tech lying around at home gathering dust.

Did you know that these items are actually still in high demand, and with just a few clicks of a button you can sell your old tech and receive a very decent sum of money for them?

Not only will you be paid for your old tech products, but you will also be helping to recycle them and give them to a new home. One of the best ways to sell your tech is on an online trusted mobile buyer site. In this article we take a look at how to sell your tech including phones and tablets, and what the benefits of doing this are.

How to Sell your old iPhone

The great thing about owning any type of Apple products, is that they retain their value and people are still very much looking for older models to purchase. Sell my mobile makes it super easy to sell my iPhone for a reasonable sum. They compare the best mobile buyers online, so you get the best deal. The whole sell my iPhone process is broken down into 4 simple steps:

If you are unsure of what model that you have to sell, then you can take a look at the number on the back of your phone and use this to tell which model you own. The second step in the sell my iPhone process is to compare the prices that are offered for your model of mobile, and choose your buyer. The third step is to Send your mobile in the post to the buyer that you’ve chosen to go with. And then all you have to do is sit back relax and wait for your money to be sent to you. You can then use that money to buy yourself a new iPhone so you are not without a phone for too long. Checking out the best vpn for iphone may be a good choice too, as you want to keep your phone protected, especially if you are planning on traveling. Keep that in mind when you are deciding on which iPhone to buy next.

How Much Will I get for my Old iPhone?

If you are looking to sell my iPhone, the amount that you will receive your old iPhone will depend on a few factors including its age, the model, its condition, as well as the amount of memory that it has. The great thing about Sell My Mobile, is that you can simply go on the website, type in the model and you will instantly be presented with a list of amounts that you can receive through your mobile from different online buyers.

Sell My Mobile guarantee that you will find the best price for your old or new iPhone. In fact, if you manage to find a better price elsewhere then they will refund you double the difference.

How to Sell Your Old iPad

The way to do it as similar to selling mobiles; you simply enter in your iPad model into the search box, or have a scroll through the different iPad models that are listed on the site and then click the product that you own. Then you go through the whole process of comparing the different resellers, send your iPad to the buyer and be paid cash for your old iPad.

How to Sell Other Old Tech

If you are thinking about selling other older products such as laptops, desktops and the likes, then you may need to go down another route. Apple actually have a system where you can recycle your old products and they may even pay you a small amount or give you a gift card for the cost of your used product. If there is no value for whatever it is you’re selling (such as if it’s completely broken), then they will actually recycle it for you for free.

They have it, a few simple ways to get some cash for your old tech. The whole process is very quick, simple, easy and free, and it will only take a matter of minutes.