All You Need to Know about Corrugated Packaging and its Uses and Features

Packaging does not just consist of the actual container of the product itself – it can also consist of the container which is used to transport the product and store it. One such example of product packaging and containment for transport and storage (amongst other uses) is corrugated packaging. So, what exactly is corrugated packaging or corrugated cardboard, and why is it essential for proper product protection, transport, and storage? Here’s all you need to know about corrugated packaging and its uses and features.

Defining corrugated packaging

Corrugated cardboard or corrugated packaging is a paper product which has been engineered and designed in such a way as to serve as a container for packaging. It is known for its versatility and durability, and corrugated packaging is actually one of the most cost-effective and popular choices or options for the storage, transport, and protection of various products and items.

Corrugated packaging is easily distinguishable by its flat layers of hard paper which are then adhered or glued to fluted paper layers in an alternating manner.

The different types, variations, and features 

There are also different types of corrugated packaging, and the different types simply vary according to the thickness of the paper, the flute width, and the number of the layers of flute used, as confirmed by packaging industry experts from NOA. With this variety, manufacturers and producers can choose which type of packaging is most suitable for their needs and demands, which is highly useful especially if a product is particularly fragile or delicate.

One feature of corrugated packaging is that it can also have variations in the weight it can support. Another notable feature is the kind of adhesive which is used for gluing the layers, as well as the number of extra layers that are added.

Corrugated packaging can also be distinguished by the kind of protective treatment used for the cardboard. Last you can create customized boxes with unique logos and colors to fit your brand.

Notable characteristics

Corrugated packaging is often used because of some notable characteristics. One characteristic that’s quite useful for many business owners is its paper surfacing, which allows direct letter and image printing which comes from lithography, flexography, and silk screening. With this, products inside the packaging can easily be distinguished and identified.

Because of its design, corrugated packaging is also ideal for the absorption of impact; it can also prevent damage to the goods inside even from an accidental drop. Corrugated packaging has been specially designed to provide the efficient storage and stacking of products. One other great factor about corrugated packaging is its environmental-friendliness; it is often comprised of recycled paper, straw, or wood manufacturing fibres which are ecologically friendly, and this makes it a renewable product as well.


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