Creative Ways To Save Money Every Day

Saving money is one of those things that every family (and individual, for that matter) should consider a necessary evil. Life happens, and it costs money, especially when there are kids involved. It is always better to have a stash of cash for those particularly rainy days.

There are about a million different ways to cut costs on an everyday basis, and about a million more ways to incur them. Unexpected sick days, corrective eye treatment for the kids, and a new set of tires after the guy down the street dropped a box of nails in the road are all common reasons people find themselves forking over their cash without warning.

Take a moment to check out a few helpful hints highlighting some very creative (and some not so creative) ways to save a buck, and see just how easy it is to live a more thrifty life.

Get rid of the cable

There is no reason to pay 60-100 bucks a month for cable when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives. Hulu services start at less than $10 a month. Netflix just as affordable. For around $20 a month, the whole house can enjoy plenty of entertainment without the pain of commercials.

If the family already has a Smart TV, then these services are just a few clicks away. Otherwise, a Roku is the best route for WiFi television. Do not spend years flushing money down the drain with the local cable company. Go wireless and avoid commercials with streaming television.

Plant a veggie garden

Instead of spending $20-30 on veggies every grocery shopping trip, plant a veggie garden. As little as two plants of each vegetable will provide more than enough food for the whole household (and probably a little extra for the neighbors).

Urban dwellers can also grow a small herb or veggie garden indoors to generate a modest harvest. Just because a person lives in the “concrete jungle,” it does not mean they cannot be green.

DIY household cleaning supplies

Saving money is not the only benefit to be reaped from do-it-yourself cleaning supplies. Combining natural substances for cleaning is much safer for the environment than the harsh chemicals sold in the stores.

A simple mixture of borax and vinegar makes a quick and easy, all-purpose cleaner in no time at all. Making homemade laundry detergent can lower the cost of clean clothes to only $0.04 per load. If you do not have the necessary DIY materials, you can always search for an online janitorial supply store and shop them at affordable prices.

Use layaway instead of credit cards

Instead of going through the trouble of getting approved for a credit card and paying ungodly interest rates, utilize the beauty of layaway. Layaway is on the rise. A few years ago, it was difficult to find stores that worked with layaway, but it is quickly making a comeback.