What To Expect After Getting a DUI

In the event that you ever get accused of or arrested for driving under the influence, then understanding the penalties for a DUI might be a good idea for you. Being prepared ensures that you don’t get hit with any surprises. The first thing you need to know is that you will be required to spend some serious money. If convicted of a DUI, you’re going to pay a considerable amount to get your driving privileges back.

Anticipate having to make court appearances, paying fines, going to alcohol rehab, and paying lawyer fees so you’re properly defended in court. These things are just the tip of the iceberg for what to expect when you get a DUI. Here are some of the other repercussions you can anticipate if you get caught drinking behind the wheel.

You May Go To Jail

If you’re arrested for being suspected of driving while drunk, the first thing they’ll do is take you to the nearest jail or police station. They’ll take your photograph and fingerprints and you’ll be booked.

You’ll be given the opportunity to make your one phone call and get someone to pay your bail. In some cases, you can go home right away, and in other cases, you may not be able to be released immediately until you’re sober.

Court Summons

You will receive a court summons with an obligatory court date to face a judge and plead your case. You should be sure to hire a lawyer so that you have the best chances possible of defending yourself in public for charges of driving drunk. It’s usually a painstakingly humbling experience, so be prepared for an emotional day.

Revoked Drivers License

You will lose your right to drive for a certain period of time depending on which state you live in after your hearing. If you refused to take a sobriety test, then your license is taken away on the spot before you even see a judge.

Big Fine

If convicted, you will definitely pay a hefty fine. The law doesn’t take driving drunk lightly since you’re not just putting yourself in danger, but other people on the road as well. Depending on whether you inflicted damage or not, your fine could be increased exponentially.

Pay Higher Auto Insurance

After getting a DUI, your insurance policy will increase in price significantly. It can increase your premium by as much as triple. You’ll remain in this higher bracket until a certain amount of time passes with no driving violations. Additionally, if you’re wanting to try and decrease the price of your insurance policy after being convicted, it will be highly beneficial to research different car schemes for convicted drivers in effort to find the cheapest insurance available in the circumstances.

Go to Jail

If you’re a repeat offender, you will serve time in jail. Depending on the specific details of your case you may be sentenced to additional time even if it’s your first offense.

In a growing number of states, jail terms have become mandatory even for first-time drunk driving offenders. Typically, first-offender jail terms are only one or two days that can be served on a weekend, but it is still jail time.

For repeat offenders, jail is mandatory in most states, and the terms are longer than a couple of days. And again, if there are aggravating circumstances connected with your DUI case, the penalties can be increased.

Ongoing Treatment

The court will assign you to a professional alcohol counselor who will evaluate your situation to determine if you have a disorder. You’ll be required to attend treatment until you will be able to drive again.