Why Consider a Hosted Desktop?

It’s easy to understand what a hosted desktop is. Essentially, it’s just like the Microsoft Windows desktop you’re used to, but the settings, operating system, and all the data is run from a server instead of stored on your local PC. Unfortunately, some business owners find it hard to grasp the benefits of investing in hosted desktops, so we’ve put some of the most compelling advantages together in this handy list.

Universal Access

Probably the most immediate benefit of using a hosted desktop is being able to access it over the internet using any conventional PC. This provides outstanding flexibility, allowing any member of your team to gain access and get to work wherever they are in the world.

Reduced Costs

It’s hard to think of a modern business that doesn’t require some kind of IT system. Hardware generally represents the steepest outlay, and PCs tend to be the most expensive part of a network. With hosted desktops, you don’t need to continuously buy new PCs or update your license agreements. You’ll also spend less time maintaining your IT system and find that budgeting is easier thanks to predictable monthly costs.

Exceptional Security

It should be obvious that security is a major concern for every IT system consideration. Luckily, a hosted desktop is only going to improve your security. After all, you’ll need to securely log on before you access files, folders, and applications – this data will usually be encrypted, so it can’t be used if it is hacked.

Centralised Data

You should already know how important it is to protect yourself from data loss, and it’s best to have data collected centrally rather than spreading it out across a vast network of different computers. Hosted desktops help keep everything secure by centrally locating your data, making it easier to protect and locate important documents.