Mobile Phone Shopping Tips

With the ever-evolving technology, phones are becoming more than just calling devices. People can send emails, connect on social media and share photos and files, among other things using their smartphones, this also includes being connected to the home, which has been great for people who need that assistance, just take a look at websites like Warrington Worldwide for more information. With numerous brands to choose from, buying a phone can become a daunting task. To ensure you don’t end up with an overpriced handset that is full of unsatisfactory features, below are some desirable features to consider before buying a new mobile phone.

1) Operating System

Before settling on any mobile phone, it is important to know what platform they run on. There are 2 major operating systems popular around the world.


This platform comes with handsets that range from cheap to the most expensive and sophisticated. Android meets all Google’s visions towards any smartphone. Most of its services are free, and its sharing options are less restricted. The Play Store contains a lot of free apps that you can download easily.


This is the Apple’s operating system. It is one of the most refined and restricted platforms. It is only available for iPhones and iPads. The most desirable features of the operating system include ease of use, availability of updates as soon as they are released and its ability to work well with Apple devices. The operating system also tends to be more secure than Android.


Although Microsoft has been trying their best to market this operating system with the aim of outshining its competitors, it has continued to lag behind. This platform can allow all tasks apart from gaming and has fewer hardware needs. Though its availability doesn’t match that of its rivals, there are hopes that it might catch up soon.

2) Brand

Getting the right brand of a handset is very crucial as it will determine whether your phone will get future updates, services and great trade-in options. Go for well-known brands as they have better readability to their users, thus providing them with top-notch services. Below are the biggest brands in the market today.

Samsung- this is the largest smartphone manufacturer that is available in many countries. This company is well equipped with resources and financial capabilities to meet the needs of every customer, including low-budget devices.

Apple- this company clearly needs no introductions. It has established its reputation with the iconic iPhone. It is the pioneer of smartphone manufacturing industry.

Sony, LG, and HTC follow closely behind Samsung and Apple.

3) Size

With the current trend of smartphones becoming bigger each day, it is getting extra harder to decide the right size to get. The latest models measure 5.5 inches and more. These include Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well as iPhone 8 Plus. While these phones might be great for watching films, gaming and browsing, they don’t suit everyone.

For some people, they are simply too large and uncomfortable to hold. Such individuals prefer a smaller and more compact phone that can easily fit in their palms and pockets. The only way to decide which phone suits you is by holding different handsets in a shop. If you wish to have a phone that will fit in your hands, bags or pockets, get a 4-5-inch phone.

4) Battery Life

Before buying any mobile phone, search for its continuous talk time rating. You should buy a phone that will allow you to go the whole day without having to charge it every hour.

There are many factors that determine your phone’s battery life. They include its screen size, operating system and processor. You should consider a phone that can last more than 10 hours on 4G LTE surfing to spend your money on.

If you want a phone that will last you well without having to be charged every few hours, look for one that is at least 3,000 mAh.

In case you are always on the move and want a phone you can charge in a huff, check whether it offers fast wireless charging. For example, the Pixel 2 will offer you 7 straight hour of power in simply 15 minutes. If you are looking to buy an Android phone, check whether it supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0.

The latest iPhones also allow fast charging, though they don’t include a fast charger in the purchase. You will be needed to spend more in a separate USB-C power adapter and USB-C Lighting Cable, which is costly.

Though removable batteries they are becoming unpopular, they come with a few benefits. For instance, you can simply replace it with a new one whenever it stops holding charge like it used to. All this without having to pay for a replacement service or buying a new phone.