Picking Up or Dropping Off: Smart Steps for Starting Your Own Truck Hauling Business

How can you make more money? If you rove through the Internet, stories of teens and those in their twenties making millions may catch your eye. Sure, the Internet offers a lot of opportunity, but there is still plenty to be made offline. For example, stop admiring a new or used truck and go ahead and buy. Vindicate the purchase by using the truck as part of a side hustle. Here is how to do it.

Be the Personality

To start, you have to consider whether you have the right personality for a hauling business. First off, you may need to do this as a side job, which likely means working nights and weekends. If you’re not prepared to do that, then reconsider. Secondly, you’ll need to make partnerships with foremen and site managers who do not have time for lateness, mistakes, and misquoted jobs.

Find a Niche

Aside from proximity, it’s beneficial to align your business with a niche. Hauling is a large vertical that affords opportunity for those who specialise in an area. For example, rather than help commercial builders and vendors, you could identify residential owners as your target market, helping singles and couples haul their furniture and other belongings from old to new homes and apartments.

Get the Startup Cash

If you’re investing in a RAM 2500 pick-up truck, you may need supplemental funds to get the business going. You have several options including borrowing money from a bank, a commercial lender, or shopping for investors. Be wary that accepting money from an investor may place added strain on a burgeoning business. Additionally, consider hiring one or two staff people who can work when you cannot.

Dare to Be Different

Don’t be shy to adopt a unique business model that works best for you. For example, you may want to initially invest in a truck or pick-up vehicle, plus accessories like truck bed covers to help keep your cargo safe, but find that you have limited time and funds to haul. However, you can lease your truck to those who do, making a supplemental income based on ownership of the truck alone. Lease the truck to others while you have more time to save money to put back in the business.

DIY Marketing

Marketing and advertising costs money. To start, place more effort toward cheaper forms of marketing. Give business cards to family members and friends to provide to their contacts. Write informational content on industry related or local websites to spread word. Lastly, don’t be afraid to do some jobs for ‘free,’ in exchange for opportunities for greater exposure, repeat business, etc.

Customer Service

There are those who get the job done and those who regularly exceed expectations. Which group runs more profitable businesses? Customer service is an entire facet of running a business that necessitates consistency, passion, and a sense that you’re being genuine. Unless you’re the only variety of service, customers have options. For many, customer service is the ‘x factor’ that keeps regulars coming back.