How to Have the Best Product Packaging – 4 Factors to Consider

Product packaging is definitely more than just looks. The appearance is highly important but it’s not the only factor that should be taken into account. You have to come up with an enticing packaging, something that visually stands out. It has to immediately catch customers’ attention and exude design elegance. Additionally, the following factors should also be taken into account.

  1. Durability

The protection of the product is one of the main functions of packaging. As such, your packaging needs to be durable. It should not easily tear, break, bend, or be tampered with. It has to help preserve the product’s form and, in the case of perishable goods, it has to effectively prevent or slow down spoilage. If you are going to ask a packaging design company to do your packaging, durability is one of the most important things you need to emphasise. Don’t compromise the quality of the materials you use for the sake of lowering costs.

  1. Functionality and Usability

Aside from protecting the product, packaging should also be usable and functional. One good example to demonstrate this idea is the packaging of instant noodles. They come in cups that can be readily used to serve the noodles after adding hot water to it. The cup shouldn’t be too wide nor too tall. It should have just the right size and shape to be easy to use as an instant serving bowl.

  1. Space Efficiency and Transportability

As much as possible, product packaging should make storage and transport easy. It’s inadvisable most of the time to have something that does not have a flat base. How can you stack products if it’s difficult to make them stand on their own, if they have the tendency to roll when you lay them down for storage. This is particularly important for products that are being mass produced and transported en masse to stores or customers. Moreover, see to it that the packaging has the least possible footprint. Storage entails costs and you will be paying more if your products take up a lot of space. There are exceptions to this, though. Some products cannot be made to look too small otherwise they won’t appeal to buyers.

  1. Cost-Efficiency

Of course cost-efficiency has to be taken into account. Strive for the least cost without compromising durability, functionality, and design quality. Low cost product packaging does not have to look cheap. Find good substitutes for the materials you are planning to use if they are too expensive.

Consider the pointers above if you are designing your own product packaging or see to it that they are observed if you ask someone else to design and manufacture it for you. Be meticulous even with your product packaging as it is the first thing your customers see when they evaluate your product.