Three Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Blog

Have you been thinking of starting a business blog? If so, it’s time to take the leap. A blog is an essential tool for any company hoping to have an impactful presence on the web. Here are three reasons why every small business needs a blog.

1. It positions you as an expert

A great blog demonstrates knowledge, shares professional insights, and ultimately enhances the credibility of your business. For example, imagine that you are planting your first garden and need a little guidance on how to get started. You will most likely turn to the internet for information, and a horticulture business with an excellent blog becomes your go-to for gardening tips. In your mind, they are the “experts” in the field of gardening, and because you trust the guidance you’ve received from their blogs, you assume you can also trust the products sold on the website. This leads you to order the plants they suggest in one of their posts. Now, you are not only a blog reader but a customer of the horticulture business.

2. It drives traffic to your website

A blog is a great way to generate visits to your website for a few reasons. First of all, the more content you have on your website, the more reasons current and potential customers have to visit it. This starts with picking the right blogging platform to make content creation as streamlined as possible, but you have to follow through with the actual creation of content.

If you have a stagnant website that has essential information about your company but doesn’t change much, a customer needs only to visit it once to get the information they need. On the other hand, if you have a website with a blog that is continuously updated with new relevant content, customers will visit the website often to read your posts. Then, they’ll have a chance to see an update you’ve made to your service offering or a great a sale that you’re running.

Blog posts that include well-placed SEO keywords improve your business’s ranking in search engine results. So if someone searches particular keywords that are included in your blog post, they’ll be directed to your website, which could translate to clicks on your sale or services webpage generating new business for your company.

3. It helps create a community

A business blog is a great, low-risk way for potential customers to engage with and get to know your company. New posts are great for staying engaged with them via email and social media. They’re reasons to reach out to people that have signed up to hear from you and that helps you stay on your customer’s radar. Think of it as a way of saying, “we’re still here and we’re still relevant. Don’t forget about us.”

Furthermore, when you put a new blog post on social media, you’re encouraging comments from readers, which you can personally respond to creating a connection with your current or potential customers. The more connected a person feels to a business, the more likely they are to become clients or remain ones.

Hopefully, these three reasons are enough to entice you to launch a blog section on your small business’s website. Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, you’ll realize that the benefits of a business blog go on and on, helping to nourish and grow your company’s web presence.