Spruce Up Your Business Website With These Helpful Tips

Though you may already have a working business website, there’s always room for improvement.  If you’re struggling to get your visibility up, your design may be the problem.

There are certain elements of design which are most efficient at drawing viewers, and your pages won’t reach their full potential until you enrich the design.  Take a few moments now to boost your design knowledge, and check out these helpful tips. Consider what your website may be missing as you read.

Build a business blog

Adding a blog to your business website gives your domain depth.  If your posts are well-written, users will spend more time exploring the content of your site.  Well-written blog entries are also a great excuse to include “sharing” options.

Check out how this blog design for Capital Recovery integrated social media sharing icons.  The writers also understand the importance of writing information relevant to their specific industry.  

If you can get readers to share your posts, your business website will benefit from the free marketing.  Expand your reach to the online community, and add a “Blog” section to your business website.

Include social media

Don’t limit your website’s social media access to the “Blog” section.  Add social media sharing buttons throughout your design in places where they will be most useful for visitors.  Get into the heads of web users.

Your homepage is a great place for the tiny icons.  Your contact page will make sharing a great way to spread vital information, and placing sharing icons next to your most popular products/services will make it easier for others to get involved.  

Design with SEO in mind

Search engine optimization should be a regular part of your vocabulary as a web designer.  SEO is aimed towards building content in such a way that it makes the maximum impact on Google’s search engine.  

If you can get your website to place higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages), you will see a higher volume of visitors.  Use SEO in all of your digital content for heightened efficiency.

Mobile users are the majority

The population of the internet has shifted their habits.  The majority of internet users are now accessing the web through a mobile device.  Mobile users view your pages from a much smaller screen than that of a laptop or PC, and you have to design with this aspect in mind.  

Learn engaging techniques

Dig into the best use of several different engaging design techniques.  For instance, learn how to use a well-crafted “call to action.” Learn how to strategically use fonts and white space throughout your design to direct users’ attention to the best parts of your site.