What It Takes To Be A Good Writer

Being a writer can be considered one of the most universal talents that we have in life, it is something that as humans we are all capable of, but at the same time it is also one that only that a select few go on to truly master.


The fact that anyone with the inclination to pick up a pen or a laptop can now convert their thoughts into structured prose means that it is a very competitive industry to excel in. With so much noise as it were, how exactly do you manage to come out on top? Especially with so many aspiring authors looking to Hire a Book Marketer in order to try and upsell their novel against the abundance of competition they’re facing.

That is a question that many an aspiring writer will have asked themselves over the years and it is one that unfortunately not all will find the answer to, as many an attempt to crack this cut-throat industry will have fallen by the wayside.

It almost goes without saying that to be a good writer you need to produce good work, as obvious as that maybe it is a point that many people forget when embarking on this career path. However, quality alone will only get you so far.

You could create the best copy known to man but if you don’t have the support network and more importantly the platform in which to display it, then chances are it will be lost in the literary abyss in no time at all.

A point all the more pertinent when you consider the amount of content that is readily available to us on the internet these days. With so much to choose from, just producing a good article is arguably half the battle now, perhaps even less.

But it’s not just the ability to be able to create and promote your work that will give you the edge, it needs to be copy that is engaging and one that displays an obvious passion from the writer. Whatever your niche, make sure you it is one that is well researched.

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Therefore, if you produce content that it is poorly researched, then the potential reader is not going to waste much of his or her time to finish your hard work and more importantly will rarely come back for any future offerings.This means if you can start to establish yourself in your field as someone who is producing high quality, well researched work even if it is free to start with, then the opportunities for paid work will soon follow.

That for anyone who is an aspiring writer is the end game, ultimately it is about turning what could well be a hobby at first into something which could then lead to a full-time job. It could even be one that sees you become your own boss.

If this is to be the desired route, then the financial inducements will certainly to be slow or more than likely non-existent to start with. It can be a long and painful process with more setbacks than rewards in the early stages of your new career.

Quite simply you have to find the work, not only that but you will need to beat so many others in the same situation as you to the punch. Therefore, it makes sense to choose your niche of expertise very wisely.

However, this comes with something of a balancing act. Pick a popular niche and it will be a field that will be ultra-competitive to start with, but with the potential for much larger benefits at the end of the journey should you manage to be a successful writer.

Or if you are attracted to a less mainstream topic then the chances are that you will pick regular work a lot faster, albeit that comes with the downside that the earning potential will arguably be less and will also plateau a lot quicker.

It really depends on what interests you as a writer, if you are someone who wants to break into the fashion industry then you will have to tackle with the first of the two scenarios, while should you be a burgeoning expert in mechanical engineering then it is the latter that will await.

Whatever the topic that excites you enough to make you want to share your thoughts and ideas with others, be prepared to put the hard yards in at the beginning and more importantly build a portfolio of work for others to view.


This is where the power of social media can be used for a positive benefit. For example, should you have a Twitter account then it is the ideal opportunity in which to display your latest effort to your band of followers.

Not only that, but if it’s deemed a quality piece then more often than not your followers will in turn tell other users of the platform. Therefore, allowing your work to extend to a wider audience then first hoped.

If you can repeat this process with consistent quality work, then your follower base will increase considerably and this in turn will allow you to get noticed by the all-important decision makers in your field.

From there, it is where the paid offers start to materialise. Something that starts to validate all the countless hours you would have put in when working for free, especially when you have no inkling of when your big break will arrive.

Sometimes it comes when you least expect it, and it certainly never arrives when you want it too much. Put the hours in and keep the quality up, then eventually you as a writer will cut through all the competition and be able to call yourself a writer not just as a pastime but for your career.