The biggest bingo prizes ever won

Bingo is a game of chance, the fun all the more heightened when the prize on offer is a big one or something that everybody really wants – a holiday perhaps, or even a house? Great as these sound, odds are that you really will not come across prizes like that all too often. 

But, what about the biggest bingo prizes ever won? While most bingo games, aside from offer great cash prizes anyway, there are others which offer all of this and more. 

The father of three who won £5.9 million 

In December 2012, a man allegedly names John Orchard sat down to play some online bingo not knowing that this was about to become one of the biggest moments in his life. Of course, this is every person who ever plays bingos dream, but winning such a huge amount of money is very rarely on the cards. 

Especially such a huge amount of £5.9 million, this would not normally cross your mind playing bingo because it is just such a big amount. A hundred or a thousand pounds sure, but such a whopping amount was never to be expected. 

To add even more to this epic win, this father of three only ever put a bet down of 30p that December too which also makes this online win all the more extraordinary. So what did Mr Orchard do with the money? The 60 year old retired almost immediately, and decided he would make the most of his win with a holiday or three and buying his children a house. Not too shabby for a mere 30p. 

The 25p which turned into half a million pounds 

One bingo winner once managed to get themselves a hefty win of half a million pounds by spending just 25p. Of course there are progressive slots, which are more often than not regarded as being the most obvious and straight forward way of turning a small sum into a large one, but this win goes to show that the humble bingo game can have a good crack at this too. 

This huge amount was won by an alleged Gil O back in May 2012, who goes by a fake name to rightly protect her privacy, and this won was achieved with an online bingo game no less. 

The record time winner of £18,000 

In 2010, a story broke which involved a 24 year old Mr Howe who decided to set up an online bingo account with the website of the famous William Hill betting shop, and soon after this won himself a huge £18,000 jackpot. 

To add extra zing to this story, this online bingo game was the first that Mr Howe had ever played, and yet he managed to beat some crazy odds as this was officially confirmed to be the quickest bingo win that has ever happened. The win came from a 90 ball game of bingo, and Howe got his full house with 15 numbers in 23 calls, proving there is such a thing as beginner’s luck.