Top Things You Can Give to Your BFF on Her Birthday

BFFs are for life. You have gone through everything together. You share the same interests, shared secrets, and made beautiful memories together. You should always treasure your close friendship with each other and thank her for being there for you when you’re down or in trouble. Let her know what she means to you with a special gift on her birthday.

Here are the ways you can make your BFF feel cherished on her special day:

  1. Personalised tote bag

Your friend will surely appreciate personalised tote bags. You can place her favourite quote on it or do a calligraphy rendition of her name to make it more artsy and creative. You can also opt to print the name of the rock band you both follow or an art festival you both attended.

It can be made more special if you decide to place your favourite photos with her on the tote bag. These photos hold all your special memories with her. Make a beautiful collage out of them and have it printed on the bag.

  1. Personalised t-shirt

A personalised t-shirt is your best choice if you constantly want to remind your friend that you appreciate her. She can wear this any day she wants to and use it repeatedly, so it is an excellent idea.

You can also opt to do two personalised T-shirts – one for you and one for her. You can do friendship t-shirts if you do this. You can use a shared favourite food to illustrate how you complement each other. For example, if you both like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then it would be great if one t-shirt will have the peanut butter jar and the other one will have the strawberry jam.

Here are other food pairs you can use:

  • French fries and ketchup
  • Chips and salsa
  • Fried chicken and gravy
  • Cheese pizza and pepperoni
  • Milk and cookies
  1. Personalised charm bracelet

Personalised charm bracelets are popular for a reason. Many people use friendship bracelets to mark a milestone in their friendship. However, you can also use one as a gift for your BFF. You could get quality bracelets from known brands such as Rastaclat ( or H&M or others along those lines. Also, to personalise it you should buy charms that mean something in her life. If you both share the same favourite book, for example, then have a small symbol of a book added to the bracelet.

  1. Personalised necklace

A personalised necklace such as a fingerprint necklace is something you can invest in to let your best friend know that you will always be there for her, no matter where you are. She can use it as a reminder that she has you in her life. An another idea could be gifting her an engraved necklace. You can ask the jeweller to carve your friend’s name or any message into metal. This could be a nice way to add affection to the gift. If this interests you, then you may want to get in touch with engraving experts in jewellery shops like Jacobs The Jeweller! They can suggest you different neckpiece engraving options that suit your purpose.

  1. Adult toy

If you are looking for a fun gift option, then your search ends here. You can gift your BFF an adult toy. Not only will it be a fun surprise, but it is also a thoughtful way to show your friendship and support, especially if your BFF is single right now. Plus, it can help her explore her sexuality in a safe and comfortable environment. For example, you could get her a fox tail butt plug, a vibrator or even a dildo. One such gift can be a great way to introduce her to the world of sex toys, and it will also be a fun and unique pick.

These are the top ways you can show your BFF that you appreciate her presence in your life. No matter what you choose to give her, she will undoubtedly enjoy it. Make sure to give it in an unexpected way, like a surprise gift. You can also write her a heartfelt letter expressing your gratitude. No matter what, your BFF will know that you care about her.