Finance Blog: Write For Us

So perhaps you have some valuable information of your own that you feel can help other small businesses owners attain success. If so, you can write for my website by contacting me using the form and we can arrange for you to submit a guest blog to my post.

However, you may be asking yourself why you should contribute to my blog in the first place? After all, your words could just as easily be placed on your own website, so why take advantage of the opportunity to write and publish your post here, instead of elsewhere?

A Large Audience

BankClip has amassed a large audience in a very short period of time thanks to the quality advice that we provide to visitors. Right now the website experiences 14,000 unique visitors per month, alongside a huge amount of repeat visitors, and those numbers are growing all of the time.

This means there is a built-in audience of people who want to read the information that you have to offer. This is crucial for smaller businesses whose websites have yet to penetrate search results, and those who want to demonstrate their expertise in an environment where people are looking for the information they have to offer.

We Give Credit For Everything

We don’t want you to feel as though we are taking the credit for the thought and hard work that goes into the creation of your blog posts. When you contribute to my blog, you will be given the opportunity to personally engage the BankClip audience and, best of all, provide readers with the means to access your services directly from the post.

Each of our guest posts carries with it an author bio that can be used to talk a little bit more about who you are and what you do. Your words are valuable to others and we want to make sure they reach as many people as possible.

We Are A Community

As BankClip has evolved we have been able to build a community of business owners who have so much information to share. If you write for my website you can contribute to this community and even build relationships with fellow business owners who may be able to provide information and future opportunities.

We want every small business owner to find success and we understand that one of the best ways to do this it to help information flow freely between the people who need it most. If you submit a guest post to my blog you will be able to help us, and by extension our 14,000 unique visitors per month, achieve that goal.

It’s Simple

Submitting a guest post to BankClip couldn’t be easier. There are a range of subjects that you can cover, which means you can apply your expertise however you see fit, and Arthur Bingham personally examines each article before posting to ensure contributors have the valuable feedback they need to ensure their posts catch the attention of readers and keep them engaged.

To write and publish your post here you just need to use the form below. From there BankClip can help you by providing more information about the topics you are thinking about covering. Alternatively, you can just submit a post straight off the bat and we can go from there. We handle all of the technical issues, so you only need to focus on how you will share your expertise with our community.

The Topics We Cover

So now you know some of the many benefits of writing for BankClip it may help to get a better understanding of the types of topics we cover.

As a financial services company we cover a broad spectrum of information that we hope to convey to users. This means we are ready to accept guest posts on many topics, including:

  • Banking Sector
  • Consulting Services
  • Corporations
  • Credits and Credit Cards
  • Global Economy
  • Investments
  • Making Money Ideas
  • Money-Saving Ideas
  • Mortgage
  • Retail Industry
  • Reviews
  • Shopping Tips
  • Small Business
  • Stock Trading

If you already have some ideas brewing that you feel could fall into one of those categories, that’s great. If you still need a little help, here are a few sample articles that we would be delighted to consider and may provide you with a base to form other ideas:

  • 10 Qualities All Entrepreneurs Should Have
  • 8 Key Tasks New Business Owners Must Complete
  • The 12 Secrets of Writing A Great Business Plan
  • 5 Common Mistakes Start-ups Make When Seeking Investment

That’s just a small sample of the types of blog posts we are looking for, but the range of topics that could be covered is extensive and we are always receptive to any ideas from those who want to contribute to my blog.

So if you have ideas that you need to get out there to a large audience and you want to write and publish your post here, please contact me using the form below and we’ll work together to make your guest post a reality.