3 Tips for Choosing the Right Payroll App to Make Payments a Breeze

My husband has started his own small business, and there’s so much to learn about! I’ve been doing what I can do to help him, and I was looking for some payroll apps that he can use. But there’s so many and I became overwhelmed. Finally, I came across an article that was very helpful.

Best 10 Apps for Payroll Processing

 Below are some tips that you may find useful when you’re looking for a payroll app.

Use Payroll Apps to Save Time

When you use payroll software that has apps that work with them will let you have the necessary information in a single place when you’re out of the office. If there’s any question about the current payroll, it’s easy to use an app that immediately will provide the information necessary rather than emailing the company who manages your payroll or your accountant. The benefit of using a payroll system with apps connected to it is that it doesn’t just save time, but it can help when it comes to tax time. Payroll software’s meant to make this process a lot easier. It also can inform you of any updates to the taxes.

If you aren’t sure about the way to do the payroll for your small business, locating some software and apps that will help you learn the basics and help you learn about the essential parts of processing payroll is going to be helpful.  It’s possible that you won’t always be doing your bookkeeping yourself but as the owner of a business, it’s a smart idea to learn this process and locate the system that is going to benefit your company and you.

You’re going to spend many hours entering information into payroll so, so it’s a good idea to find a system that will be best for your company and that saves you some time.

Find an App that Keeps Information Secure

No matter how many employees you have, you want to make sure that you are keeping confidential and accurate employee records. Apps and software have made it a lot easier by giving you the option to go online and pull up employee information.  This can also make it easy for employees to look up their own information. This can be done by providing employees with logins that give them access to their own paperwork.

It’s also a good idea to choose an app that doesn’t just let you pull up the whole payroll sheet but also allows employees to view their personal payroll records. There are some employees who may have particular tax considerations or health benefits they need to consider, so it could be a good idea for them to have copies of pay stubs online to refer to. This is going to help your employees to keep track of their benefits and taxes. It’s important to choose an app that also will help with keeping employee records in order and secure.

For your organization to maintain updated information, finding an app that keeps all your employee documents secure and in order would save you time as well as office space.

Choose an App That Helps With Security & Taxes

Along with an app that makes it simple to monitor payroll, you should also choose one that can make it easy to correctly handle taxes. Apps such as Quickbooks can greatly help your payroll and HR systems with payroll and taxes each month. This can help with streamlining the process rather than having a frustrating few hours of work. There are apps that have many features that make doing taxes a lot easier. Some of them let you take pictures of receipts, keep pay stubs electronically and important transactions made with credit cards.

For business owners who are doing their taxes for the first time, it’s essential to find one that will walk through the process easily and slowly. This will make it a lot easier for you to understand the process. Most of the apps have tax advisors so you’re able to chat with someone live so that you can get guidance and answers as needed.

You also want to find an app that will keep your information secure, so make sure that you’re checking reviews on the app before choosing one.


If you go for an app rather than payroll services, make sure that you’re taking the time to find the right app for your payroll. You want to make your business and employee records your priority.