5 Tips To Decorate Your First Condo

Credit: Leeroy

You’ve just purchased a gorgeous cityplace condo and now you’re looking for decoration tips. Decorating a condo can be tough business at first, especially as you’re sorting for that piece of furniture that’s just right. If you are truly stuck on what to do, you can always consult with a Margarita Bravo Denver Interior Designer or a designer within your location, so you can get exactly what you want. However, with a few tips thrown your way, it can be less stressful and more fun, whether you are going it alone or collaborating with a designer! Here are a few tips on decorating your condo to perfection.

Choose Your Theme:

Decorating is easiest when you’re able to follow a theme and plan a little ahead. Plus, themes look really nice. The hard part is choosing just one. You can always mix things up and keep just one single room to a theme if you don’t want to do over the whole place. An easy go-to if your by the water is the ocean theme. It’s simple and cute. The best part about themes is that it narrows your search.

Buy Quality Art:

Art should be an investment, not simply a space filler. The large open areas on our blank walls are awkward. Look into the museum guide for placing art to put your piece up to perfection. A fun way to decorate your apartment is to head to local art galleries and buy your art from the people who have made it nearby. You can always find absolute gems and they’re quality. No one likes cheap store-bought canvas.

De-clutter and clean your house

Anything that’s not essential should be put away. Extra things simply make spaces look cluttered and claustrophobic. I’ve bought tables with drawers to put away magazines, TV remotes, and everything else that piles up on our tables. This goes for the kitchen too. Unless it’s important like the microwave or coffee machine, then it should find a spot to hang out until it’s needed. Meanwhile, cleaning the entire condo is also a challenge. Prior to hiring a decorator, I would likely seek the assistance of house cleaners to deep clean my home. Having a place to live that is hygienic and safe feels great.

Hire a Decorator:

If you feel like you simply don’t have the time to decorate your condo or you’re worried you don’t have the impromptu creativity needed, then you can always hire out. People work full-time to make sure our living spaces are one-of-a-kind and gorgeous. Check their track records and if you enjoy their work have them give you the same service. You can also purchase condos in the UK which are fully furnished! I did this myself and the furniture is gorgeous.

Don’t Forget the Outside!

The outside is just as important as the inside is. If you have your own lawn area then make sure to create a vibrant garden. If you have a nice outdoor area people will know that the inside must be great too. If you don’t have your own lawn, then buy a few cute decorations for your doorway.

Decorating a condo can be an intimidating task, but with the right toolset and some planning in advance you’ll be one step closer to that dream condo. Choosing a theme, buying art, and de-clutter will improve your interior space ten hold and create a relaxing and cozy environment to call home.