5 Tips for Successfully Using a Chatbot at Your Next Event

Chatbots are increasingly gaining in popularity at events and are being utilised in events alongside technology such as projections, apps, and LED screens. Chatbots are mobile systems powered by artificial intelligence that help to communicate with event attendees and encourage engagement. These modern chatbots are acting like virtual assistants, helping people discover where and when a particular session is taking place, how to access the Wi-Fi system, what time the entertainment starts, and all other kinds of enquiries relating to the event. Chatbots can even provide real time answers to questions on large screens and can encourage engagement by replying to Tweets and social media messages on the big screen.

Here are some ideas for how to integrate a chatbot into your event technology package so it improves the experience for attendees and organisers alike.

  1. Give It Personality

A chatbot will be better received and more useful when it is aligned with the theme of the event and the brand. The chatbot can act as an ambassador for the event, bringing its personality to the fore.

  1. Make it Easily Accessible

Make sure that your chatbot is accessible for use on the platforms that your attendees use and are familiar with. You can test the system on your website before the event, before launching it on messaging platforms at the event itself.

  1. Manage Expectations

Make sure that attendees know how to use the chatbot and understand what it can and cannot do. Most event chatbots work when questions are specifically about the event itself – if this is the case for you then make sure that attendees know they won’t be able to get the answer to everything from the bot.

  1. Make Sure You Monitor

Attendees may use the chatbot to communicate issues such as a lack of chairs in a meeting room, or problems with the lunch. Make sure that you monitor any comments being made so that you can follow up on any relevant issues.

  1. Set Up an Infrastructure

Integrate a chatbot as part of your overall Av Hire structure. You can set up a booth where guests can access the bot and also talk to staff members if they have any questions about how to use it. The key is to make the bot highly accessible so that it becomes a valued part of the event experience.