8 Simple Inventions That Made Their Creators Millions

There are thousands of entrepreneurs out to make the big bucks with a genius business proposition.  Some people are lucky enough to strike it big with one simple idea that catches consumer’s attention like a wildfire to trees, and they are off to making millions overnight.  

Almost everyone thinks they have a million dollar invention idea at least once in their life, but few are able to bring their dreams to fruition.  For every successful creation there are thousands of fruitless ideas that fall to the wayside.  Take a moment to check out a few of the most interesting, yet simple inventions that made their creators millions.

All the recent rage “circles around” this small item

The best cure for boredom is a fidget spinner.  Someone decided to be proactive and drum up a solution to idle hands.  Fidget spinners come in many different colors, but the purpose is always the same: keep a person’s hands busy whilst they are thinking, nervous, waiting, bored, or antsy.

Smile and say cheeeeese

The yellow smiley face we all know and love was created by a man named Charlie Ball.  He sold the rights to the cheerful symbol for a mere $45 back in the 1960’s.  Two brothers bought the rights, and went on to gross more than $50 million in profits.  Guess we all need a little smiley in our lives.  

The slinky changed the world

Richard James invented the beloved slinky, and changed the world forever.  He was blessed with the idea when a spring fell in the floor and slinked its way across the tiles.  The James family has made more than $250 million to date on the invention of the slinky.

Crazy straws made insane amounts of money

Straws have been around for a long time, but the crazy straw revamped the idea.  Augmenting the design of a simple straw into some crazy design made millions for the man who came up with the idea.

Everyone has a magic eight ball rolling around somewhere

We all know that the magic eight ball does not really know our future, but it is fun to ask it questions.  Magic eight balls are such a household staple that it has been featured in several blockbuster movies and television shows.

Beanie babies took the world by storm

Stuffed animals have long been popular among children young and old, but Ty Warner saw a chance to make millions by augmenting the traditional stuffed animal.  Creatures stuffed with tiny beans rather than fluffy cotton.  Beanie Babies have long since become collectors items and made millions for their creator.

Watch a movie and snuggle up with a snuggie

Incredibly simple in its design the Snuggie has sold over 20 million units since its launch.  Scott Boilen saw the value in a blanket with arm holes and capitalized on the idea.

Post-it notes can be found all over the world

Post-it notes can be found in almost every office space around the world.  They have easily become an essential sort of office supply.  Dr Spence Silver has been credited with inventing the Post-it note, and the idea has since made over a billion dollars.