Affordable Benefits Small Businesses Can Give Their Employees

When it comes to your employees, you want the best of the best. However, hiring the best isn’t the easiest of tasks. You need to ensure that your company has a great company culture and that you offer enough benefits that’ll keep those great employees happy. If you don’t do your part to ensure they love their job, you risk losing them. Thankfully, doing your part to make your place of business a great place to be doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are four great ideas to help you get started:

Let Them Go Early Every Once in Awhile

If you know that your employee, who is usually very hardworking, has an important engagement during office hours, let them go early. If someone has been putting in a lot of extra hours during a stressful work period, give them a long weekend when it slows down. These are very easy things to do, and by giving them this time off without them needing to use their vacation or sick days, you’ll be doing them a favor. Care for your employees, and they will care for you.

Improve Their Break Room

Another effortless and affordable way to better your workplace culture is to improve and update the break room. Add in more comfortable chairs, a fridge, a toaster oven if there is no space for an oven, and coffee and tea. Splurging a little to get nice coffee beans (as opposed to the instant) or even a coffee maker will go a long way, as well as offering a selection tea and even some power snacks like nut bars. Help your employees relax better on their breaks, and you give them a great benefit every day.

Give Them a Night Out

If your employees have been great and have helped hit your business’s target, then why not treat them to a night out? You can head over to Ticket Sales and treat them to a musical or concert, whatever proves more popular. Taking your team out for the night is a great means of boosting morale, and can greatly improve productivity and employee performance. If you can’t afford to take your whole team out, you can purchase two tickets for the person who was at the top of the table.

Bring in Healthy Snacks for Meetings

Meetings can be so much more than updating you on the progress being made. They can be a place of true discussion where you all can learn and grow by debating and brainstorming with each other. A great way to make this experience even better is to offer healthy snacks to keep them going. You can either order in bulk of healthy biscuits or fruit and nut bars, or perhaps have a weekly selection of fruit for them to enjoy. There are plenty of snack options to consider, so find more here to explore and order the snacks that your employees are likely to enjoy. In any case, if you have a brainstorming meeting once a week, this is an easy way to get everyone excited and tide them over as they use all their brain power.

Benefits don’t have to come in the form of raises or large bonuses. Small businesses have very narrow profit margins to start out with, and you might simply not be able to afford them. Offer these budget-friendly benefits, however, and you will be sure to improve your company culture and improve employee retention.