How to AI-Proof Your Business Development Terrace

The title of this post could very well have been How to Future-Proof Your Business Development Terrace as opposed to How to AI-Proof it, but therein lies the clue to it. The entire thinking around the planning of your business development terrace has to incorporate a consideration of Artificial Intelligence in some or other way as that is indeed the future. However, instead of taking the fearful approach to it and trying to conduct and grow your business in a way that pits you against the development of AI, you should rather embrace its development and have it “in your corner.”

Robots are not coming for your jobs

The first port of call in altering the generally misguided thinking around how AI is coming to decimate jobs should be your realization that as much as a well-built and well-programmed robot could perhaps do certain jobs much more efficiently than any human being could, consider the significance of that job. And by significance I’m not talking about how any job is welcomed by someone who has a family to feed. I’m not talking about the notion that beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m referring to the significance of a job from the point of view of what it contributes to society or to the development of the human race, solving problems, etc. If a specific job can be replaced by a robot then that’s nothing but an indication of the fact that it should be replaced by a robot, otherwise what it is, is nothing more than one of those positions which were manufactured to siphon money into the pockets of a friend, family member, etc.

Normally that’s what happens at the public sector level, or even within the private sector, but only when proceedings involve some kind of contract which comes from the public sector.

If you’re in business for yourself and you want to stay competitive well into the future to protect your profits, you have to focus on what matters. Creating positions or jobs that can easily be completed by AI-driven automation doesn’t make any business sense at all, simply because as someone who goes into business, your aim is to solve problems and get paid for creating the value which solves those problems.

The Robots Are Here Already

If you take a closer look at how AI is already being implemented you’ll realize that it’s doing nothing but aiding the process of human development. I mean take a look at something like the save the date templates graphics designers use to create save the date postcards and such for their end clients. On the logic of robots (AI) coming for our jobs, this AI-driven method of creating those templates and the designs that can be customized from those templates would have replaced graphics designers altogether, but it hasn’t. Instead, what it has done is enhance the quality of the offerings graphics designers in that particular line of service produce.

That’s how you need to look at AI in order to future proof your business development terrace. AI is to be embraced so that it frees you up to focus on producing the unique value proposition you’ve discovered to potentially fill an identified gap in the market.