Best slot game developers in 2019

If you have not yet noticed, the since humble fruit machine has come a long way in recent years. Click here now to see some of the latest online slot machine games and how you can play them today.

Slot games are now being developed to new levels of quality, never seen before. Superb graphics, smooth animations, elaborate themes and cohesive narratives, as well as some all important bigger jackpots than ever, have made slot games – or more so, online slot games – all the rage. In 2019, there is such a selection of slot games that sometimes it can be hard to choose exactly which one to play.

Ranging from the classic to the innovative, the popular to the plain strange, there really is an online slot game and that, again, is thanks to a number of talented developers who are dedicated to their craft. To shine some light on these unsung heroes of the online slot game, we wanted to share some of the best slot game developers in 2019. Some you will already know if you are an avid slot game spinner, and some you may not.


This has to be one of the best known developers out there in the online casino industry.

Yggdrasil have been characterised by their superb graphics and commitment to providing a visually engaging slot game experience. Boasting a grand selection of games, all of which adhere to these visually strong aesthetic, some of their titles are amongst the most popular slot games in 2019.

Keep an eye out for this developers work with penguins, as they have a knack of using these recurring characters to full effect. Penguin City stands out as a highlight in their always growing selection.


Whilst some of the developers in this article are the best as of 2019, Barcrest having been developing slot games for sometime now.

Veterans of the slot game, Barcrest made slot games exclusively for pubs and bars before moving online and maybe their most famous creation, is one of the most played slot game series ever; Rainbow Riches.

The Irish themed slot embodies Barcrest, thanks to some fun graphics, a good sense of humour and lots of ways to win via bonus rounds and minigames.


Microgaming are a very well-known when it comes to online slot games and off you are a regular player, you can’t not play one of their many titles.

This is thanks to a huge selection and a consistent workmate that sees the developer release new games basically every single week. From simple, retro style games, to more ambitious, full feature, 3D spectacles, Microgaming do it all and this is why they are so well renowned.

Leander Games

One of the newer slot game developers in relation to some of the others highlighted, Leander Games have quickly become a well-respected developer.

Again, they are committed to high-quality slots and have some of the best-looking, most ambitiously themed online slot games in their always expanding collection of titles. With functionality across all of smartphone, tablet and desktop, they are one of the best slot game developers in 2019.