Buying a New Car is a Waste of Money

Most people might be excited about buying a new car but not realising that the new wheels will give you many expenses. The moment the new car is out on the streets; its value will start depreciating. That alone can tell you that a car is not a long-term investment rather it is an expense.

You might consider it an investment due to the fact that it contains a huge price tag. But to be frank that’s not exactly the case. A car won’t help you to improve your wealth because it loses value each and every year.

Much like a house or any building structure, a car is an asset, not an investment. In case of an emergency, you can get rid of the car so that it can compensate dues. Maybe playing online casino nz games might bring you luck.

How much you should spend on a Car

The money you spend on buying a new car should be a reflection on how much you are earning. Some people put themselves in a situation whereby they spend too much money on buying cars. This attitude can make you become broke and there is no guarantee that the vehicle you bought will get you half of the money back. Therefore make sure you take a good look at your annual salary and decide if you can afford it.

It is advisable that you should consider some other things that need to be catered for before buying an expensive car. Expensive cars will put you in massive debt and you are bound to be left with less money to cover other expenses and emergencies. Unless you get extra money from playing real money pokies games, still you need to consider your expenses.

However, opting to buy a more affordable car is very wise as you will be left with funds to accommodate your other needs and expenses. You do not want to get something that will deprive you of the joys that you are accustomed to.