What To Know Before Choosing a Web Host in 2018

As a new year is just around the corner, new business ideas are being launched, and existing businesses are looking at innovative ways of doing things. It may be time to choose a web hosting service, for a new or existing site, and there are some important things to keep in mind.

Choosing a web host is different than it was just a few years ago, and the following are some key points as you start the selection process.

Specials and Pricing

Before you make any big web hosting decisions, keep in mind the fact that a lot of providers will offer coupons, discount codes and special pricing, so looking at what’s out there pricing-wise can be a good way to narrow down the options and give yourself a shortlist to work with.

For example, there are frequently HostGator coupons available so you can get things like 50% off WordPress hosting and other good deals.

Once you have some companies that are offering special pricing, you can go from there in terms of making a choice based on pricing.

Growth Estimates

A lot of businesses will decide on a web hosting provider or plan based on what their current traffic is, but you need to be forward-thinking, so you don’t have to revisit this in a year or so.

Shared hosts offer some pretty good options as compared to what they did previously, but they’re still only going to be good for around 40,000 unique monthly visitors.

If you need more than this, or you expect that you’re going to experience a lot of growth in the next couple of years, you may use a dedicated server or a private server rather than shared hosting.

Big Names Aren’t Always the Best

A lot of times when looking for a web host, the bigger names win out simply because they’re the most recognizable, but they don’t necessarily have the most to offer. They can have issues, and they might not have the features you specifically need.

Know What To Look For When You Read Third-Party Reviews

Third-party reviews are a great resource to delve into what’s really going on with web hosting services, but before you start your research, know what to look for.

No web hosting service can offer 100 percent uptime, but you want to read the reviews to see exactly what they are offering to real users.

You also want to think about speed, because there is nothing that is going to ruin your visitors’ experience quite like a slow site. In 2017 there’s no room for this, and visitors aren’t going to accept it.

Finally, you should verify that you’re going to get the support you need. This is where smaller services can be more beneficial in some cases. They’re going to have more focus on the customer experience and delivering great support, whereas the big names might be less concerned with individual customers. Support is essential as you choose a web host.