How to cut unnecessary expenses when you travel

Traveling is not cheap. Especially when you decide to do it outside the borders of your country. Flights are expensive, accommodation as well, and let’s not forget that you need to eat and have fun while on vacation. However, there are ways to cut some of the expenses. We call them unnecessary because they can be avoided, and not because they are in vain. Keep in mind that if you single out every cut, you will not see much of a difference. But they all add up, and when you draw a line, the total can be a hefty sum.

Buy your tickets in advance

This may sound cliché, I know, but it is actually something that a lot of people do to avoid spending some money they can otherwise spare. As long as you know where you want to go, you can buy plane tickets as early as 6 months in advance. In some cases, the difference between a last-minute booking and one that you purchase in advance can be of hundreds of dollars. Wouldn’t you rather use that money to have some extra fun than spending it on transportation? Or cover the accommodation? Trust me, buying tickets in advance is something that you all have to do.

Travel light

The more luggage you carry, the more money you spend. People think that they need a lot of clothes during their vacation, but they rarely use everything they pack in a suitcase. Take only the essentials and make sure that you have three changes of clothes and an extra pair of shoes. I guess you know about everything else. The point is that the extra luggage will cost you more when you travel by plane. Again, the difference between traveling light and checking in a suitcase is significant. But if you put everything in a backpack, you do not have to worry about it. You can look up some videos online that can teach you how to pack as efficiently as possible. It really helps.

Get your visa online

Before planning your vacation abroad, check to see if the country you want to travel to issues electronic visas and if you qualify for one. At first sight, it will seem more expensive. But think about it this way. You need to take a day off work because the embassies work only during business hours, and depending on where you live, you may have to go on a trip. That day off comes right off your paycheck, and the trip costs money. You do not have those issues when you apply online. Plus, you will get your visa faster than you would at an embassy.

Find accommodation with an available kitchen

Just to be clear, nobody is telling you not to enjoy the local cuisine and eat out. However, eating out three times a day, every day, will take its toll on your budget. If you have a kitchen at your disposal, you can buy some groceries from the local supermarket and you can prepare your meals, at least in the morning and at lunch. A villa is the perfect accommodation for this, so take a look at these paros villas if you’re thinking of going to Greece. Villas often have full kitchens and dining rooms, meaning you can cook and eat comfortably. Alternatively, apartments may have smaller kitchens that you can use but tend not to have any dining space. Obviously, this tip only applies if you plan to spend your vacation in one place. If you move around, it is kind of difficult to cook every day.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can balance your budget when you travel. It does not have to be super expensive to enjoy it. Just make a few adjustments like the ones mentioned above, and you should be alright. You can even come up with your own solutions. Nothing is off limits.

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