Developing A Strong Twitter Campaign For Lawyers

Credit: Scott Beale

Social media is integral to success in many businesses these days, including law firms. But to many social media can seem to be a giant void that’s difficult to understand and finicky at best. We spoke to some lawyers at Diamond and Diamond in BC, Canada to get their thoughts on how they run their Twitter campaigns, which have been incredibly successful over the past few years. Here is what they had to say about how they gain success on their Twitter platform.

It All Starts With Consistency

When you post on social media, you need to be consistent with not only your message, but with your posts as well. Create a strategy that involves posting a certain amount of times per week and stick to that. This way it is easy to measure your successes and your failures. Many successful Twitter accounts publish upwards of a dozen times per day, but don’t worry, you don’t need to write that many tweets. Aim for two to four tweets per day and you’ll be fine.

Find The Right Tools For You

Social media tools help you manage your account so that you spend less time tweeting and more time on dealing with your law practice. Research what tools are out there. One favorite of many Twitter users is Hootsuite, which lets you schedule posts in advance, giving you your free time back. Another incredibly important tool is using analytics to track what tweets are doing particularly well, so you can analyze why they are having so much success.

Understand Hashtags

Hashtags are essentially a spiderweb of information that creates the worlds largest filing system. Twitter is one giant conversation and hashtags is how Twitter files that conversation to make things easily searchable. The more high-profile hashtags you use, the more traffic you’ll bring in while attracting the demographics that pertain to the hashtag. Many websites will tell you how many times certain hashtags have been used so that you can see if its worthwhile to use it for your account.

Buy Twitter Ads

Invest in your Twitter account by putting some money into it to really boost your account. You can buy ads to get more followers, get website clicks, and much more. Twitter ads are incredibly cost-effective too. For only around $250 you can drive upwards of 500 people to your website and with the advanced demographic features, you can make sure that the people visiting your website are the clientele which you want to attract. Investing in Twitter may be the single best thing you can do for your account and your business.

Twitter is an important tool for so many law firms, so if it’s not a priority for yours, then it should be. Here are some of the best pieces of advice in creating a strong twitter account that increases your brand awareness and brings in more clients.