From the mechanical to the video slot

Back in the day, slot games were not available for people to play online and as such, you would only be able to play a slot game in a physical casino or a pub, which is a concept that does seem unfathomable today.

It would make sense though, that over the years we went from playing mechanical slot games to video slot games as everything else moved over to the more digital sphere and so that side of life ended up being a bigger part of our real lives and even down to the way we play games at Cozino.

Why slots went digital

Like everything else, slots went digital purely for the reason to keep up with the times and the demand that continues to grow for everything to be online – and this is for a few reasons, but ultimately it comes down to convenience.

It is more convenient to play games online for the gamer and the supplier, it is easier to play a game online and you do not need to have an establishment and all the licences that come with a physical establishment to run a mechanical slot machine.

That is not to say that you can now not play a slot game in a real life situation, you can  – just go to any classic arcade and you will find one, but it is now the norm for slots to be played online, just in the same way as it is to now do your banking online and everything else in between.

Slots going digital has also made the game more accessible for all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds, which again is a big reason in why online video slots took over from the mechanical – more customers means more money for the industry.

Are online slots still growing?

Although it may sometimes seem that digital gaming and everything else in the digital world has hit its peak, online slots and video slots are still growing in the online world thanks to the amount of advances technology continues to make. 

Not only that, but if something in an industry is doing well monetarily then it will continue to be the focus of that industry and the industry will tirelessly make sure that it becomes bigger and better as much as it can. 

And it is worth bearing in mind that people do not want to play games in the sense that they used to back in the day, with video gaming being the more popular option since the 90’s. 

This means we are more now than ever heading online to find games to play that are riveting and which excite us, so that we are living more exciting lives – whether we are waiting for the bus, or in the office having just finished an assignment and with ten minutes spare before the next one. 

In our ever busy world, tuning out and logging in may also be more important now than ever too.