Globalization A Worldwide Awareness Spreading Across Financial Markets Of Eastern Europe

Globalization is happening across targeting various markets, like the financial as well as at products, services all these are considered by different scales and dynamics, in most of the cases, financial markets see a vast change. It is mainly stimulated by the huge sum of capital which is being transferred across the world, by the fast growing mid sources such as the investment funds. Though the transfer is done in virtual terms mainly when electronic money is concerned, along with the different and new financial instruments. This is the reason they say that the financial markets works in a very rational and independent way. As it works independently, the whole financial system also carries the risk of Domino effect.

Turning point in the Eastern European financial market

Ever since the 2000’s, Forex has been comparatively less crowded. Traders have been more involved into the new European currency the Euro. It is long gone and is a past where, trade would happen in Spanish Peseta, German Mark, Belgian Franc, Italian Lira and many more. Eastern Europe and Baltic states currencies are the newly gained opportunities for the traders to look forward for, states likes European Union’s like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and few more. These states economies are more industrialize with political systems, are way more democratic even after many decades of stagnation under the communist rule! They are transforming from the broad changes in their economy and getting close to the countries in the west.

A brief on the financial market in Latvia

Latvia, is a Baltic country in the European Union, this place is extremely popular for its history, in the Foreign exchange markets. Latvia is now a financial hub for local as well as for the foreign traders in the Forex market because of its location as it has proximity to Russia, Germany and also to other Baltic countries. Latvia is also considered as a Foreign Exchange powerhouse in the entire Europe! Though this country is not very popular in the retail forex brokers and investors from other parts of the world especially from the US, Africa and Asia pacific.

Since the last few decades Latvia, has evolved and has made considerable stand as an institutional structure and also with its legislative framework, in order to support a market-oriented financial system. The financial sector has grown stronger in Latvia and it consists of mostly all the financial institutions of a developed market. As Latvia has agreed upon EU it has been a turning point the economy of the country which also has improved the financial market that promises a better, high income with extensive opportunities.

The transformation

Post this; it was the beginning of the transition period for the financial systems of Latvia. The financial sector of Latvia has taken a boost in the last few decades, it all began with the support of liberalization and the adjustments made by the Latvian financial system such as the liberalization of financial services, cancellation of restriction on the currency exchange as well the administration regulations of bank’s interest rates, the liberation of capital and current accounts and opening of the market to foreign completion all these steps were taken in early 90’s. It was the beginning of the transition period for the financial systems of Latvia.

Financial sectors of Latvia has undergone, many phases of development like the rapid evolvement of the banking sectors, privatization of banks, etc. As the development in the banking sector has taken place, there has been a good deal of incoming foreign capital which has benefited to the help stabilize and strengthen the financial sectors. It has made a gradual increase in the industrialized countries and also transformed the economies, along with the transfer of the savings to investments which is the most important function of the financial sector. Not to forget the utilization of savings is even more important, as it has the biggest advantage which is effective distribution of savings in the consumers of capital which also benefits the enterprises and private people who use credit. Another most crucial function of the financial sectors is to less the economic risk, provided by the financial mediators like the interest rate risk, and changing credit currency. Lastly, it is now understood that the financial sector plays a significant role in achieving the Latvia’s nominal and proper merge of the European Union EU. In Latvian language, tirdzniecība finanšu tirgos is trading in financial markets, let’s learn more in detail.

Trading in the financial markets of Latvia

Trading in the financial markets needs strategy, apt instruments which are being used to help market the structure and the execution. Investing as well as trading in the foreign exchange or the forex market, has become popular by the time in today’s trading market. Trading with different currencies provides huge opportunities to earn huge financial profit. Latvia is one of the fastest growing economies in EU, where British quality products are receives well in this market and also UK brands are easily recognized in Latvia. As called in Latvian language tirdzniecība finanšu tirgos which means trading in financial market.

Foreign Exchange

The currency used in Latvia is Euro, there is no restrictions as such an exchange of currencies or even capital movement. This allows foreign investors to earn profit in any currency without any restraints.


At the Republic of Latvia, every currency exchange places has to be licensed, Latvijas Banka is the licensing commission that issues to all the capital companies that deal with foreign currencies, cash purchase and sale i.e. currency exchange license.

Currency Exchange brokers

Once the set of trading starts, it is important to know that the trade happens in the right direction and is favourable. Currency brokers come in the picture, as they help in making money with recognizing the major currencies is the most crucial part of successful trading. In the Forex market, few of the popular currencies are US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar, Australian Dollar and lastly Japanese Yen. There are many more currencies of the world which are equally important to know, at such time broker play a significant role is guiding traders towards profit.