GPS Tracking: A Brand New Tool for Today’s Businesses

If you offered any business the opportunity to acquire a system that potentially improved efficiency, reduced operating costs, and also delivered higher customer satisfaction levels, there would undoubtedly be a lot of interested parties.

GPS tracking has the attributes to offer those very same solutions.

Here is a look at the key features of GPS tracking, including the chance to monitor driver behavior, how it can improve efficiency, and why it has the ability to boost productivity.

On the front line

Your business reputation is always at risk of being damaged when someone representing your company behaves in a way that you and a customer find unacceptable.

You have a greater element of control over front line staff who are manning the telephones or serving customers in your store, but what about the delivery drivers representing your brand on the road?

This is where GPS tracking can give you a better chance to monitor driver behavior and check that they are not putting themselves or other road users in danger and creating a poor impression of your business at the same time.

You can use GPS tracking to set up alerts that warn you when one of your drivers is speeding or driving aggressively is some way. The data can help improve driver safety and promote a greater level of responsibility, which is going to be better for your business as well as more beneficial in terms of driver safety standards.

Cut fuel costs

If you have a fleet of business vehicles on the road or even just a few, fuel costs are always going to be a major consideration.

You will find that many of the features found within a GPS tracking system will allow you the chance to reduce fuel costs in a number of different ways.

Speeding is a primary factor when it comes to fuel and maintenance costs. If you can encourage drivers to maintain proper speeds and observe a more defensive than aggressive driving attitude this will help to reduce the amount of fuel being used by your vehicles, as well as improving driver safety at the same time.

In addition to being able to track their speed using a GPS system, you can also plan better routes, which will reduce mileage and fuel costs too.

A longer vehicle life

Maintenance and replacement costs are a major consideration when you are running business vehicles, so any opportunity to extend the life of those vehicles should be seized upon.

You may be surprised to learn that another feature found with most GPS tracking systems is the ability to keep on top of routine maintenance schedules.

Being able to accurately record the service intervals and keep your vehicles in the best possible condition, will extend their lifespan and almost certainly help to reduce running costs at the same time.

Better productivity

The days of sending a driver out on delivery and leaving them to it are long gone, thanks to GPS technology.

It is now much easier to stay in touch with drivers, monitor their route and driving behavior, and give them the incentive to improve their productivity rate. All of this helps to deliver better customer service levels and should help to motivate drivers to achieve better productivity rates, which you can then choose to reward them for.

It stands to reason that if you deliver items more promptly and encourage drivers to be as productive and efficient as they can, you will be reducing labor costs as it reduces the need for overtime, plus you get some seriously happy customers who like how quickly you got their item delivered to them.

Safety and security are also important

In addition to all the useful features you get with a GPS tracking system to improve driver efficiency and driving standards, you are also responsible for their personal safety and the security of the vehicle.

A tracking system allows you to keep in touch with drivers so that you know where they are and you can quickly see if they are taking an unscheduled route.

This could be an indication that either the vehicle has been stolen or the driver might need some urgent assistance. You can use GPS tracking to see exactly where they are and then send whatever help they need or to recover a vehicle if necessary, without delay.

There are numerous reasons why GPS tracking could be seen as an important tool for any forward-thinking business owner.

Chris Evans works in business management and enjoys sharing his tips on how and where to use technology to better the bottom line, save time and generally make business better!