How can I try slots online for free?

Do you think anybody in the early 20th century would have ever imagined that gamblers would be playing slots online in the 21st century? Back in the early days of slot machine gambling these games were still rather simple, with mechanical and technological limitations forcing developers into making slots that had hardly any of the features we’re used to nowadays. Oh how things have changed! 

The 21st century has ushered in a new age of online connectivity, and that has resulted in the beautiful flowering of the online slots industry, with developers taking these games well and truly to the next level. And you know what else? You don’t even need to have much of a casino bankroll these days to enjoy slots online at, because you can even play slots online for free! Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t, keep reading to find out more. 

Free slots? Not a laughing matter 

Free slots really aren’t a laughing matter, however there are always going to be gamblers who look down on these things, claiming they “aren’t real gambling games”. Sure, the commonly thought thing is that all gambling games have to be played with real money, but in reality that isn’t the case, especially not in the 21st century.

And besides, did you know that some of the first successful slot machines were free slots? In the early 20th century slot gambling was illegal, for instance, and to get around these laws developers started making free slot machines with fruit sweet prizes. Incidentally, this is also where the concept of a “fruit machine” comes from. 

Ways to try slots online for free 

So, free slots aren’t exactly as unusual as you might have previously thought, and as a result there are plenty of ways to try slots online for free these days as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways to try slots online for free: 

·         Demo slots: By now most online slots are also available in a so-called demo form, which means that they can be played without any real money being spent. Most demo slots are available on slot developer websites, as well as a range of other online casino review sites.

·         Online casino deposit bonus: Sometimes if you’re lucky and clever you can gamble at an online casino that has a particularly great deposit bonus for its players. This can consequentially result in basically playing slots online for free.

·         Social media slots: Did you know you can even play slots on social media nowadays? These games are all free, with an option to buy extra credits or features.

Benefits to trying slots online for free 

But realistically, why would you want to play slots online for free? Here are a few reasons: 

·         Helps you decide which games to play: It’s not always an easy decision finding a slot game to play, with slots online for free you can experience each title without losing money.·         Hone in your bonus round experience: A lot of successful slot gamblers use free slots online in order to help them gain a better understanding of bonus features, so they can win more when playing with real money.