How to Make Your Sale Team More Productive

Sales teams are allocating all of their time and effort into gaining leads and selling products. To make sure you have productive sales teams, you will need to find ways to help your team sell better and make their sales a success.

It’s time to start assessing your sales teams. Is your team focused on being as productive as possible? Are they using the right tools to drive the sale? Are they still using the same sales tools that your competition is using? You might think you have good sales processes in place, but you might need to review these processes to make sure you are still doing everything necessary to ensure the sales teams will perform well.

Sales Tools

Ensure your sales teams are using all of the tools available to make the sale and be as productive as possible, and ensure you are using the right techniques and strategies to reach your revenue goals. These strategies will help you deliver the best results for your sales team and ensure they are highly motivated and successful in their sales efforts.

You should also be using all the sales tools available, including Staff Glass hiring software to ensure you land the right team in the first place.

Sales is always a numbers game, and so is business in general. You need to have highly motivated salespeople who will work hard to make sure you deliver the best results for the company. If they are highly motivated, they will also be highly engaged.

Look for the next best thing to getting a good pay raise, make the decision you need to make to set your sales teams up for success.


In short, you need your sales teams to deliver value to the company. The company can provide the bonuses, but it will not provide the value to the sales teams that will put them in the best position to earn the best pay raises, bonuses and opportunities for career progression.

Once you start evaluating the talent in your sales teams, you will start to see the reasons for turnover.

If you do not address the retention issues, your teams will start to fail and become disillusioned and are going to start looking for other opportunities to make a change. These results will impact your bottom line and might mean you need to start looking for a new sales leader.

Keep Your Sales Team Engaged

One of the best ways to make sure your salespeople are as motivated and engaged as possible is to be proactive and identify the reasons for turnover, and work to mitigate or eliminate these reasons.

What are you doing with your sales teams to ensure they are as productive as possible and make the most of all of their time? Is your team actively looking for new ways to deliver more value to the company, or are you just getting the same sales techniques from the sales team again and again, with no extra value delivered? For training your sales team, Sandler (or similar companies) tend to offer a variety of effective courses. With such programs, your employees can learn different sales techniques that could further result in the exponential growth of your business.

In the sales world, it is often a numbers game. Some salespeople will hit it out of the park, some will not, and it’s your job to make sure your sales teams are always as effective and productive as possible, so that you can make the most of their time.

Stay engaged with your sales teams to make sure you know what is happening.