Income Sources with Which to Fund Your Entrepreneurial Venture

The mainstream financial sector in the form of banks and other such lenders will only get a passing mention here, however we won’t go into too much detail about banks as a source for funding your entrepreneurial ventures, quite simply because we all know banks don’t take that type of risk with their (clients’) money, let alone give out funding outright. So as a budding entrepreneur you’ll have to look elsewhere to source funding for your ventures, especially if you’re looking to operate in the area of more unconventional ventures which are driven by unconventional ideas.

So the approach you should take in seeking to uncover funding should be somewhat of a liquid one, catering to three key financial aspects of one’s life, namely your primary income source, a complementary income source, and a propositional funding channel.

Primary income source

This suggests that you’d have to get a job or something, even if only on a freelance basis, but naturally as a budding entrepreneur this wouldn’t be something you want to do for extended periods of time and certainly not forever. So what this means is you’ll need to save as much money as you possibly can and try and channel that into your entrepreneurial ventures, some of which ventures will naturally be driven by your aim of escaping the exchange-your-time-for-money zone you might find yourself having to endure, for now.

Complementary income source

Since your primary income source likely takes the form of a full-time job (even if you’re a freelancer), you’ll have to think creatively about how to generate revenue which will go towards the funding of your entrepreneurial venture. You’ll have to try and find a funding source which doesn’t further extend the exchanging-time-for-money struggle and this can even take the form of learning how to place an online bet in a manner which is backed by a strategy that’s built on statistical odds-analysis. If you bet on sport long enough, for example, there will come a time when the odds are heavily in your favour, in which case you can use Unibet advantages such as free bets to further increase your winnings when your bets are eventually right on the money.

Propositional funding channel

Parallel to some savings from your primary income source along with the income you’ll start to accumulate via your explored complementary income sources, you’d be crazy not to pursue propositional funding, which basically entails asking for money to fund your venture. What this means is you’ll be sending out proposals to possible funders, some of which may include established investors like angel investors, venture capitalists, etc. However, what is possibly the best route to take in this regard would be placing your proposal on peer-to-peer and crowd lending/funding platforms as these are known to attract the interest of people who are willing to fund the not-so-conventional ventures of this world.

Ultimately though, you’ll want to kick-on with your entrepreneurial venture and focus on those of its aspects which can move ahead with little to no funding. Oftentimes funders tend to want to jump in and get in on the action if they can already see some progress, no matter how small that progress may be.