Innovative Marijuana Businesses

Canada has one of the highest rates of cannabis usage in the world, and cannabis companies are increasingly pushing the envelope as they gear up for nationwide legalization of recreational-use marijuana later in 2018. However, the exact details of legalization are not yet finalized. According to Ottawa government officials, edible cannabis products will not be legalized immediately by the federal government.

Many Canadian producers project that the sale of edibles will be preferred by consumers and may be a significant component in overall cannabis sales. One reason for this prediction is because of how discreet edibles are. They can be toted around and consumed as desired without drawing attention to the user. In addition, some producers note that there continues to be a stigma associated with smoking a joint.

Xanthic Biopharma, which is based in Toronto, has innovated a method to generate cannabis powder. This THC-infused powder can be incorporated into edibles and drinks. The cannabis company sells its powder product to other licensed cannabis companies. It also sends its powder to some producers in the U.S. A representative from Xanthic Biopharma states that its experience selling products in the United States has created credibility with Canadian companies.

Canadian cannabis producers are hoping to sell their products in retail stores for quick consumer sales soon. Some have rolled out their online stores (west coast cannabis, for instance) too and they are actively innovating new products in preparation. These products range from typical pot brownies and cookies to more unique products. Pot-infused beer, easy-to-use baking mixes, tea products and more are available to sell in stores as soon as the producers receive a green light from the government. Non-edible products infused with THC, such as topical oils and creams, are also in the works.

As the prevalence of medical-use marijuana blends with the growing recreational marijuana market, some cannabis producers are frustrated by how challenging Canada’s cannabis laws are currently. For example, a representative at Province Brands states that the company cannot conduct taste tests in Canada. The company specializes in producing pot-infused beer, and it must conduct taste tests outside the country while concocting its blends with hemp in the country.

While companies like Province Brand are waiting for full legalization before selling products to Canadian consumers, others are selling legal variations. For example, reTreat Edibles sells pot-free cookie and brownie mixes that can be infused with cannabis oil by the customers in the privacy of their home. Many cannabis companies that are gearing up for legalization believe that black market marijuana may continue to be prevalent and may be a primary competitor.