Interesting Career Paths Followed by Software and Computer Engineers

One of the best kept secrets of the trading world, as it forms a part of the financial sector, is that of just how similar online trading is to online betting. Ask a software engineer, a programmer or a computer engineer and they’ll tell you all about it, particularly those individuals of this ilk who have chosen to follow more interesting career paths than those they’d be typically expected to pursue.

Of the three mentioned skills areas, it’s perhaps the computer engineer who makes for the most significant example of someone who has followed an interesting career path with their qualification, having perhaps gone into something like online trading or online sports betting instead of working for a software or IT firm. Yes, imagine a fully-qualified computer engineer deciding to become a full-time online gambler in particular!

What this does is it only serves to shine a light on the similarities between the online trading of something like CFDs and betting on sports online or even just enjoying some online casino games like slots and skilled based ones like poker. The similarities between the two practices are largely attributed to the underlying technology which drives the operation of the typical online trading or online betting platform.

In fact, the only real difference between the two applications of the same technology is that of the factors which influence the outcomes. For example, in the world of online trading, elements such as trade volume and the associated buying-and-selling sentiment drive the activity surrounding the market prices, while with online sports betting the relevant outcomes depend on how the sports teams included in the wager perform.

So this brings the computer engineer who took an unusual path back into focus, because what it suggests is that there’s some kind of method to the apparent madness, which is built on solid systems that are underpinned by mathematical and scientific principles. Part of the academic course a computer engineer pursues would incorporate subjects such as calculus, which is a variation of advanced mathematics, programming (computer science), and perhaps most significantly, mathematical statistics.

As a result, a computer engineer might look at the online trading industry as well as the online sports betting industry and then choose to analyse the odds of them walking away with some big winnings at some point in their life, if they follow a solid betting and analysis system that’s backed by the same principles they learned as part of their official academic curriculum. That’s how platforms such as come into existence and in this specific instance there is very little, if anything at all, separating how one would go about their online trading exploits from how they’d go about their online sports betting exploits.

The astute engineer of this nature inevitably chooses to go with sports betting over online trading, simply because there is a greater degree of certainty. I.e. when you put down a wager on a specific team, there are less factors affecting the possible outcome, for instance it might be a win, a draw, or a loss, whereas with online CFDs or commodities trading, so many more factors influence the share price as well as its movement.