Best Jobs You Can Get with a Finance Degree

If you are trying to decide what to major in at college, finance is certainly a good option because of all the different jobs you can get with such a degree. These days, there is a lot of demand for people in the financial sector, which is all the more reason for you to think about pursuing this sort of career. You can make a lot of money with a finance degree, and there is a wide range of jobs you that await you upon graduation – check out for more information.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts can work for big companies or individuals, and they are tasked with looking closely at marketing trends, among other things, in order to assess risk and opportunities. The median salary for people in this position is around $80,000, and there is a huge amount of demand for these professionals right now. One of the best things about this job is that there are so many different clients you can work for.

Financial Manager

A financial manager is a job that requires a lot of attention to detail, as you will be in charge of making sure that a company stays as financially healthy as possible. This job requires at least a bachelor’s degree in finance, and the median salary is $120,000. This is a very lucrative occupation, but it can be quite stressful at the same time.

Budget Analyst

You will find that the occupation of budget analyst has a lot to offer as well. Those who have this job are in charge of coming up with budget proposals that will ultimately determine how a company’s money is spent. Budget analysts can also work for the government, both local and federal, as well as non-profit organizations. There are lots of wonderful opportunities for those who are interested in this kind of job, and you can make a ton of money.

Personal Financial Adviser

A personal financial adviser is someone who helps individuals make the best possible decisions with their money. You will be responsible for helping to find the best investment opportunities for your clients as well. The median salary for personal financial advisers is around $60,000.


If you have at least a bachelor’s degree in finance, you might want to think about getting a job as an accountant. In this sort of job, you will need to create and interpret financial statements while fulfilling your other duties and obligations to your clients. An accountant can work for individuals or a company. It’s also important to keep in mind that a job as an accountant could be an excellent segue into a higher-paying corporate position. There is a lot of demand for accountants, and that is something that will continue for a very long time.

There are many exciting and high-paying jobs that one can get with a finance degree, which is why so many young people are making this their major in college. If you want a job in finance, there are lots of great opportunities out there.