Keeping up with Trump and the Stock Market

The stock market was expected to perform badly after the election of President Donald Trump. However, to the surprise of many, the stock markets picked up quickly after he gave his acceptance speech. President Donald Trump promised to revive the American economy during his campaigns. He promised massive infrastructure projects across the United States that open up opportunities for the construction companies stock market. Investors in the stock market are optimistic that the Trump will support and promote growth in the market.

President Trump promised to review some of the tax policies and trade agreement that have been affecting the stock market negatively especially in the United States and the UK. As a businessman who has tremendous experience in stock markets, Trump is expected to make sound decisions that are going to promote the growth of the stock market. Trump is more focused on improving the United States economic as his first priority that means he cannot do without protecting and promoting the stock market.

Stock markets around the globe are expected to benefit from Trump’s vision to improve the economy of the United States. CMC markets are an online broker that are among the stock that are expected to gain in the United Kingdom in connection with the United States expected economic boom under Trump’s administration. The UK is expected to form new trading agreements with the United States after the country voted to exit from the European Union. United States is a better and strong trading partner for the UK compared with other European Union countries whose economies are still struggling. UK companies can tap into the massive projected expected in the United States that will boost the growth of the stock market at home.

President Trump has promised to review some of the existing trading policies and dismantling others which do not promote the growth of the economy and stock markets. The review of the policies may negatively affect some countries that have been taking advantage, but they are intended to make the stock market to grow and close all the existing gaps. Theresa May has been so far the first foreign leader to meet the president of the United States after his inauguration. The two leaders promised of a close and special working relationship between the two countries. Theresa May is seeking out for a special trade deal with the united states that will ensure UK exit from the European Union does not affect the country stock market.

There has been few doomsday forecasts about Donald Trump election suggesting that the stock market will collapse in future due to uncertainty. Before any new administration is fully settled in the office and things start to run smoothly, difficulties and confusion always arise. Some of the latest Donald Trump executive orders have sent shock waves in the stock markets. His latest immigration policy is a good example that has been condemned worldwide, and some markets seemed to perform badly after the executive order was signed. The countries affected by such orders are not great contributors to the United States or UK stock markets. There has been a well-planned strategy to make sure Trump looks bad to the public and to the world at large.

Financial analysts do not expect these demonstrations to continue for a long time and affect the stock market negatively. These issues have been termed as normal occurrences whenever a new administration takes office. There are some investors who have been manipulating the stock market, and they are afraid the new policies that are set to be unveiled by the Trump’s administration will lock them out of the markets. These policies are going to benefit the stock markets by eliminating a few individuals who have been dominating and influencing the stock market in their favor.

The stock market is projected to perform well under Trump’s administration, and investors should have confidence in the markets. There is enough evidence for this fact as the markets picked up immediately after he was announced as the winner of the strongly contested election. His experience in business over the years is expected to help him bring in new ideas that can help to promote and increase the growth of the stock market. President Trump also picked members of his cabinet who are experienced in the business environment, and they are expected to also contribute to the growth of the stock market.