Leasing – The Solution to Apartment Hunting

It is indeed a mammoth task to finally end up with an apartment that is a clear reflection of one’s dreams. Visiting several apartments will surely be a wise option to arrive at an informed decision weighing their respective pros and cons. Arriving at a viable option will mean zeroing in on the most preferred apartment that can be occupied on lease, by inking a lease agreement with the prospective landlord. Some words of caution however will definitely prove beneficial in working on facts and figures, before penning the long-standing agreement of lease.

The following are the factors that need a profound thought before initiating a signed lease deal.

  1. All about a healthy relationship

The first impression is the best impression! In line with this saying, the first interaction, verbal or personal the tenant has with the landlord progresses towards strengthening a cordial, working relationship for both parties in question. This contractual relationship flourishes if operated within these limits. The tenant, while being open about his concerns is at liberty to clarify any issues pertaining to his home; the same way the landlord is required to trust the tenant, who would occupy his premises.

Having a detailed discussion with the existing tenants will clear many ambiguities concerning the locality, the landlord or any other specific issue that needs attention.

  1. Site Inspection – The first look

While everything looks good on paper, a diligent tenant should always insist upon a site inspection. This is the best way to estimate the factors of safety, functionality and comfort of the apartment. The tenant either wins a good deal when the landlord is willing to make amends depending on his requirements or can simply walk away from signing a deal in the event an unyielding landlord is not poised towards making any changes to the apartment. Needless to say, good landlords will insist on making the necessary changes as well as get the apartment cleaned thoroughly by professionals from an end of tenancy cleaning services East London, or elsewhere. Ask questions to learn what your landlord is willing to offer before signing the deal.

  1. All in black and white

Following the permission of the landlord to lease his apartment, the tenant plays safe by documenting every aspect of visible damage to different parts. The document standing testimony to damages that were not agreed upon by the landlord for renovation will hence absolve the tenant of security deposit concerning these damaged parts. Another caveat to this would be to engage in written communication with the landlord so as to gain from past logs which can help resolve issues in future.

  1. Knowing Rights and Duties

Tenants can benefit a great deal from an online handbook that clearly displays their rights and duties, given their city’s jurisdiction. The following will definitely throw light on the same.

  1. Clear Mention of Utilities

The tenant should always be in the know of utilities that are provided under the lease agreement. These clearly mentioned will save him from making a blunder choosing an apartment that can go burden his monthly expenditure. This way, the tenant not only enjoys these general utilities but also is not pained by burning a hole in his pocket.

  1. Renovations to apartment

It’s all about getting prior permission from the landlord to make customized changes to the apartment, in keeping the needs and lifestyle of the tenant. Not following this precondition can lead to termination of lease in addition to losing security deposit. Hence it is in the best interest of the tenant to have an open discussion of these renovations to avoid misunderstandings after the expiry of the lease agreement.

  1. Concerns regarding pets

Households which are ardent pet lovers have to go the extra mile in getting prior permission from the landlord to domesticate a pet, with many properties professing strict pet rules. An intention to acquire a pet in the future too calls for similar forethought in clearing the air of ambiguity.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

Being honest pays in more ways than one! An honest tenant who is outspoken about his inability to pay rent or any other impending issue will save a great deal in uplifting the trust factor with his landlord. On the flip side, owning up on accidental damages caused to the apartment even before the landlord mentions the same will pave way for a smooth and trustworthy exit.

While these are some of the important thoughts that need to be addressed before leasing an apartment, it is always a commendable effort to leave the leased apartment with a better look and feel than what was provided for. Paying importance to respect for the agreement and the property in question is a sure shot means for a happy and stress free apartment living. Grab all the knowhow of Elliott wave theory and move ahead.

Agents with their apartment offerings

The No-Fee listings are conspicuous of pictures and descriptive information of various apartments handled by different brokers. Tenants viewing these pictures can benefit from making an informed decision to pinpoint an apartment in line with their needs.

Fool proof no-fee listings are synonymous with online pages displaying licensing information of both agents and landlords. Information substantiated by paid up utility bills and scanned copies of pertinent documents act as testimony to the ownership of the property under the legal title of the landlord.

Landlords active on websites

Landlords who list upcoming vacancies in the form of new real estate projects or expiration of lease agreements of existing tenants work to the greatest advantage of tenants to subvert brokers. Tenants can then benefit from interacting directly with landlords and management companies, thus saving on brokerage.

Upcoming properties hold great promise

Listings which form an indispensible part of marketing strategy of an upcoming real estate venture will provide innumerable opportunities to the tenant to make the most of “no-fee” options.

Words of Caution

Interactive in their housing dealings, some no-fee websites are believed to flaunt pictures of studios which are far from reality. The tenant thus should exercise discretion in weeding out such sites which provide evasive responses to a query directed towards possible date of occupancy. Red flags in the shape unfair practices by brokers posing as landlords and listing their apartments in the category of no-fee listings are prevalent.

Tenants, through their consistent efforts will benefit a great deal from these No-Fee listings by engaging in first-hand dealings with landlords cutting across middlemen, thus saving a great deal avoiding broker fees.