Lunchtime Internet De-Stressers

Most of us work hard and strive to advance our careers and make the best of our abilities. The pressure of work combined with the demands life in general produces has many people seeking distraction and a break from the doldrums of everyday stress. Going to the movies, attending a concert, engaging in some sporting activity, taking stress-relieving products like Blessed CBD Öl, or socializing can be great ways to relieve stress.

Recently, I have found myself seeking relaxation, even during my lunch break. While there isn’t enough time to visit the gym for a work-out, take in a movie or even meet up with friends, the internet provides countless means of escape. Apart from de-stressing, I have found the time invaluable for research, educational endeavors, and funny YouTube videos or engaging games can certainly break you out of the work pressure cooker.

Take a look at my favorite internet getaways and see if you share my lunchtime escape choices.

Catching Up on Great TV Moments and YouTube Videos

At weekends, I often miss my favorite chat shows and have started using my lunch hour to catch up. You can get compilations of the best bits, select specific interviews, and once you are on YouTube, they will soon suggest countless related videos.

Taking a look at the weekend’s sporting action and downloading highlights is also a great way to de-stress. You can watch specific sections of games, interviews, and post-event analysis.

Though I am not a big fan of all the epic fail videos, YouTube is packed with humorous clips to provide you with a chuckle.

Chess and Online Gaming

I love playing chess on all my devices because this strategic game captures your entire mind and won’t let you think about anything else during play. Online slots, casino games, and a plethora of highly engaging online games are also a great means of escape.

Sports betting, poker and roulette have also often broken me away from the monotony of work, while clever quizzes and tests always bring out the best in me.


Sometimes, I just spend my lunch hour playing the videos to all my favorite songs. I can even learn the lyrics off by heart and sing along. Depending on the selection of songs I play on the day, the songs fully transport me to an entirely different place, far, far away from my office.

News Junkie

I also love catching up with current affairs and get up-to-date with the latest news. You can quite easily become a news junkie, desperately needing to know the very latest. Following political developments, tuning into a discussion or watching world events unfold certainly takes you away from your own little worries and struggles.

You can of course also get all academic, enroll in online learning programs, or do your own research during your lunch break. Regardless of what escape you choose, it’s good to get your head away from work during lunchtime. You will return to work fresher, more relaxed and less tempted to stray during work.