How To Manage Your Finances When You’re Too Injured To Go Work

Although you may be one of the millions of people who goes to work wishing you could be elsewhere, if you’re unable to go to work due to an injury, you’ll quickly find yourself wishing you were healthy enough to get back to work and start providing for yourself again. Being out of commission from work can get expensive quick, with not making as much money and any medical bills you have. And although safety is a priority for most companies, injuries still do happen. So to help those who’ve become too injured to return to work just yet, here are three things you can do to better manage your finances.

Try To Work From Home

Depending on the type of job you have and your relationship with your employer, you might want to consider asking your boss if you could work from home until you’re healed enough to return to work. Donna Fuscaldo, a contributor to Fox Business, writes that many people who work in an office could very easily get the majority of their work done at home in most cases. While this might take a little persuading on your part, along with some creative thinking, if you’re able to continue working at least part-time from home, your money problems will ease a bit. If your employer agrees to this, all you would have to ensure is that you have a good enough laptop or PC to work with, and an Internet connection of course. You could ask around in your neighborhood to find a good plan, or browse Atlanta internet plans(or ones where you live) to find a suitable one for your work-from-home endeavors.

Get Help Managing Benefits and Insurance Claims

Maneuvering your way through injury claims and benefits can be very confusing. Not only could this take up a huge amount of your time, but you may not even be able to get the full benefits you’re entitled to if you don’t understand the laws and procedures well enough. To help with this, you may want to consider getting help from a professional to manage your claims and benefits. The Money Advice Service shares that when you’re injured, you may be able to receive such benefits as sick pay, workers compensation and more. But if you don’t know how to traverse this bureaucracy, you could leave a lot of money and other benefits on the table.

Look For Additional Income Streams

If you’re not able to continue working at your job and can’t get the financial help you need from other services, there are always things you can do that will serve as additional streams of income until you’re able to work a full-time job again. Shannon Ullman, a contributor to the Huffington Post, shares that some avenues you may want to try include selling unused personal items online, renting a room or other property you own, or using some of your skills to freelance for others. When you’re strapped for cash, any income coming in will be helpful.

If you’ve been injured to the point where you can’t work, use the tips mentioned above to try to help ease some of your financial burden.