Make Money by Starting a Modest Fashion Company at Home

Modest fashion has gained a great deal of attention and increased acceptability in recent times thanks to the demand across cultural and religious lines. More and more women from varied demographics have made known the demand for inclusive clothing lines that do not compromise their moral standards while not compromising the broad variety of designs and styles available for today’s trendsetters.

Despite the increasing demand for modest wear however, the mainstream fashion industry has not been proactive in accommodating this as yet untapped market of consumers. This has opened up the market for entrepreneurs looking to establish their own modest fashion line which can even be done from the comfort of one’s own home. Hijab lines in particular are growing increasingly popular as finding scarves which fit the needs of a hijabi is a particular mission. However, while the industry is still young and setting up modest wear lines at home is pretty easy, the process requires more than passion and talent. So how can you ace this business and succeed with a modest fashion company – specifically a hijab company – at home?

  • Pick a Creative Work-friendly Space

The condition of your workspace is arguably the most important factor as you prepare to set up your hijab line at home. The first step is to decide which room or rooms you’d like to dedicate to the development of your company. This space should not only be clean but have good lighting and also necessitates like a printer and computer. Spend time and effort on decorating as having a beautiful workspace can inspire and motivate you to keep going and get the job done.

  • Respect Trends

As much as the word hijab brings a single traditional idea to mind, trends have redefined today’s styles and designs. It would not be business savvy to stick to the past and stay with what you’re comfortable with. In order to break into the relatively untapped modest fashion market, you must be able to adapt to constantly changing trends and times. The hijabs that were crafted for the 1980s and 1990s can no longer satisfy today’s needs. The modest fashion market is wide open with lots of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs to provide clothing that is modest, modern, and functional. This is true especially for hijabs because they are still given so little thought in the mainstream market. Often, women end up picking up scarves that are meant to be worn around the neck and repurposing them – scarves that are made with being worn as hijab in mind will always be superior.

  • Design for Wearability

While creativity is great for any potential modest fashion entrepreneur today, it must be paired with another essential – moderation. Unique designs may be entertaining, but when it comes to the needs of hijab-wearing women, they generally appreciate styles that are comfortable and not overly elaborate for day to day wear. Hijab must first be practical and be capable of being worn without constant adjustment throughout the day before additional embellishment can be added. The best couture designers throughout history have often produced clothing with simple lines – follow this rule when developing your hijabs. In order to design for wearability, ensure you allow your customers to have a voice, so you can provide them with items that fit their needs and will fly off the shelves.

  • Social Media Presence

Social media offers businesses an incredible way to reach their target customers. Registering your business on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be especially helpful for your company as they are visual sites with large user bases that can become consumers of your business. By posting engaging content at regular intervals, you can attract the attention of your target audience, as there’s an increasing number of young Muslims looking for modest, stylish hijabs to dress up their outfits.

  • Payment Methods

Every business owner must, at the beginning of their setup process, determine how payments from customers will be received. In this, it is wise to consider both your convenience and that of your customers. Register for a merchant account with a financial institution to accept credit card payments from merchandise sold in stores and online orders. However, before doing this, it would be a good idea to learn about the different merchant account types. This way, you can determine which merchant account will be suitable for the needs of your business.

Besides this, consider whether you would like to receive payments through payment gateways like PayPal or ApplePay. Since you are starting from home, you may want to scale up the business before exploring additional payment options, each of which requires legwork and investment.

  • Don’t Quit If You Don’t Make Sales Initially

Quitting because you don’t see sales on the first day is a great way to take you nowhere. As the typical consumer you’re looking to target is young, modern, and fashion-conscious, it would be wise to try and identify ways you can improve your designs to provide a blend of modesty and modernity. When you’re just getting started, you are still learning and bound to make mistakes, so keep at it. Make sure to visit the blogs and websites of other brands you look up to so you can both see how much fun they are having, and learn how you can implement new ideas you appreciate.

Helping others feel great about what they’re wearing is just as awesome as running your business. Do plenty of research and schedule time to do some legwork so you can better determine what it takes to have any kind of modest fashion company at home. It’s always worth it to dream beautifully, but it feels better when you invest high-quality effort into your goals. Also, remember that constant growth is good! You’ll begin with hijabs and can branch out into other modest wear clothing which will keep you from stagnating. Just remember to consult your consumer base to keep their interest.