How to use Olymp Trade platform

Cryptocurrency has led to the emergence of many trading platforms. One excellent site is Olymp Trade. The platform allows people to make money online. The website is compatible with any device. You can use the computer, Android, iPhone, and a tablet. The fact that it can be used with any gadget gives it an upper hand.

Olymp Trade offers financial expertise. You can always consult an experienced trader to guide you. This will minimize the chances of losses. The good news about the platform is that the capital required is minimal. This, therefore, attracts many traders. Most people are beginners and do not know how to use the Olymp Trade platform. The following guidelines will give you clues on how to become an expert. You can earn a profit and maximize the platform to your advantage.

Deposit minimum capital

To start off, you will need to deposit some money to your account. The deposit varies with the type of account held. There are two types of accounts. These are standard account and VIP account. On a standard account, you can deposit as low as $10. The minimum trade is $1. This regular account will give you a maximum profit of up to 80%. There are no fees charged on withdrawal.

The VIP account requires a deposit of at least $20,000. You can choose to deposit more. This account gives a maximum yield of 90%. There are some benefits to reap out of VIP. You can get a trade amount of $5,000. You will get a consultant who will give you pieces of advice. You can never go wrong with a VIP account. The return of assets is higher than the standard account. On a daily basis, you will get to check out the market reviews.

Use Trading Options

Olymp Trade is a great platform because you can utilize trading options. First, they are transparent and you can’t get cheated. Secondly, they are profitable at all times. Making profits should be your aim of trading. There are two available options. They are classic and time options. They vary in one way or the other.

Time options are a trading option that allows you to choose an expiration time. This means the time which trade will be executed. If you select the correct time, you will get a yield of 92% of your investment. It is effective because it is updated regularly. It is the most convenient way of trading.

Classic options are also referred to as up-down trades. You will start by opening a trade. Then, you will select the amount and the trade opening period.

You can multi-trade using time options. When you open various trades, they will all close at the same time when the time expires.

Step by step procedure

First, you need to choose the asset from your account. Olymp Trade allows you to trade the currency sets. You can also trade commodities, stocks of reputable companies and exchange indexes. The indexes can be from Asia, the United States, and Europe.

Secondly, select the amount of trade. Depending on your account type, you can choose the ideal amount. This will depend solely on you. The profit can rise to as high as 100%.

Third, you will choose the expiration time. As time elapses, the trading options will close according to the time you selected. This can be between one to five minutes.

Fourth, you choose the strike price. When the expiration time is over, strike price has a function. It is compared with the asset price. The classic option works here too. Profit is earned through the up trade if the asset chart is above the strike price. For the down trade, the asset chart has to be below the strike price. All this is possible immediately the trade expires. Profit generated by up trade and won trade are varied.

Fifth, you only need to make a simple decision. You will make up your mind whether the asset price stays down or up.

Finally, with the help of a Sell function, you can close the trade early before it expires. This means that your amount will be fully refunded. If the asset price changes, the refund can either be higher or lower.

Strategize to Win Consistently

Trading on Olymp Trade is easy. Your objective should be to win and earn big money. The best strategy is to wait after opening an account. Don’t be in haste to trade. You need to study and analyze the market first. You should know the trends and how other people are winning. A market review will increase your chances of getting profitable. This will give you knowledge on things to trade and the perfect time to do so.

The platform offers a demo account for beginners. Here you can learn about the platform. Olymp Trader gives away free demo credits worth $10,000. You will get to know about trading principles and charts within one week. You should try the account first before trading with your own money. This way, you will have a clue of what exactly is going on in the platform. There is no need to rush and keep guessing. You will lose all your money.

Consistency is needed when trading. To generate more profits, a year must have deposits amounting to $1400. The trades should be 350 so as to be considered a great trader. You should keep on trading if you intend to win.


Olymp Trade as a financial broker allows users to experience the best business. Profits are guaranteed when you master the methods. No fees are charged during withdrawal. Withdrawal methods are plenty for instance Epayments or through the bank. This will take a day or less to mature. For a beginner, you should adhere to the basics of trading. You should be patient and learn how the platform works.

The trading options will help you get things right. There is a support system to help you whenever you are stuck. They are available online to serve your interests as financial advisors. As you trade, consult with them so that they can give you a way forward.