What Are the Qualities of a Good Sourcing Agent?

This is one of the questions that companies ask whenever they want to purchase goods from overseas. They are stranded on what qualities to look for when hiring sourcing agent. A reliable sourcing agent is very crucial for companies when sourcing products and also when looking for reliable suppliers.

By hiring a sourcing agent, a company can enjoy numerous benefits including saving a great deal of money as well as saving time. However, many companies are still finding hiring sourcing agents as an additional cost.If you are considering sourcing products from China and you are thinking of hiring a sourcing agent in China, you are in the right place. We will help you to know the qualities that you should look for so that you get a good sourcing agent.

Below are the qualities that should tell you the sourcing agent is good.

  1. Reliability and Honest

These two qualities are one and the same. In short, a good sourcing agent should possess the two qualities. A trustworthy sourcing agent will not add some hidden charges and will ensure you only pay for the services you will get and not any hidden and secret commissions. It is detrimental to work with a dishonest sourcing agent. An excellent sourcing agent will share all the important information concerning the supplier like the number of staffs as well as the product market price. A trustworthy sourcing agent will benefit your company in countless ways.

  1. Quality oriented

This is another important thing a good sourcing agent must have. In business, quality is more important than price. Remember poor quality products don’t sell, in fact, it can result in high return rate, and hencebusiness growth will never be achieved. A good sourcing agent will do a quality inspection and ensure you get the best choice available products.

A good sourcing agent will also ensure goods are packaged in good condition and will ensure the shipment is done in a good manner so that you receive your goods in good condition.

  1. Vast sourcing experience

You will agree with me that, for your business to achieve its goals, you must work with a team of individuals who have extensive experience in their fields. The same applies also, to sourcing agents. A good sourcing agent must have extensive knowledge and experience in their field. For instance, take a look at hot source, a sourcing hub that focuses on getting things made with the help of various manufacturers. Also, a good sourcing agent must be well-versed about the ins and outs of the entire process. This will help to ensure the sourcing process is smooth and successful. Global sourcing is a tricky and complicated process than what people think about. This is so especially when sourcing more goods and when dealing with multiple suppliers. A sourcing agent who has been in business for many years will be able to find a reliable supplier of good quality products at a reasonable price.

  1. A true representative

A good sourcing agent must be a buyer’s colleague. This means that the sourcing agent must be able to work on your behalf by representing you while dealing with suppliers. He should be able to put your interests first. Furthermore, his work is to ensure you get quality products on time.


This list is not an exhaustive one as there are numerous qualities that you should look into when hiring a sourcing agent. B=however, any business person has his or her preference but the end goal is to ensure you get your goods on time and in a good condition.