The Real Costs of Buying a Home

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting times for many people, but the stress and costs associated with a house move can be quite daunting. Buying a property doesn’t just stop at the purchase price, and although you may have an approximate figure in mind for the incidentals, this could fluctuate depending on the market. After you’ve saved for the down payment and got the mortgage, totaling the costs of your move can run into the thousands in some cases. There are lots of things to think about, and sometimes expenses may pop up that you didn’t even realize, so making sure you plan for every eventuality can help avoid any unnecessary stress along the way.

If you’re wondering what costs might pop up during a house purchase, take a look at some of the most common things.

Closing costs

When it comes to real estate transactions, closing costs can be one of the most confusing aspects. Aside from the initial down payment and getting the mortgage set up which comes with its own set of costs, there is a range of closing charges to think about. These can include everything from attorney fees, property transfer taxes, and title insurance. There are ways you can save money on some costs when moving and resources such as Compare Conveyancing Quotes give you the best deals on fees.

Homeowner’s insurance

This is a necessity when buying a home and offers extra peace of mind in case of any emergencies in the house. The costs associated with this insurance depend on the area you live in and also are contributed to other factors such as crime rate and how close you live to flood areas, etc. Thinking about these before you choose a property could also give you an idea of the costs before signing on the dotted line, as you although an area might appear fine to the eye, there could be some lurking issues that the insurance companies penalize you for.


Unless you’ve purchased a brand new property, there will be things that need to be sorted into your new home. This could include new heating systems, tidying up the interior plastering or general maintenance that could turn into thousands being spent as soon as you move in. Getting a full appraisal, especially if you’re buying a home to renovate, could help to save you money on any unexpected costs.


When you get caught up in buying your dream home, you can often forget to consider the real costs of the bills that the property needs to keep functioning. Everything from heat, light, water and small incidentals such as internet and telephone bills all need to be considered as they can start to add up depending on the location you live in.

Buying a dream home should be a happy time, but if you don’t consider the real costs when buying a home, you could end up with a few nasty surprises. Be sure to check everything and keep a note of how much you might need to save for a stress-free move.