What Can You Send Instead of the Usual Flowers

It’s always been something of an odd thing really, when you think of it to send flowers on the occasion of someone dying. Although the gesture is well meaning and it shows that someone cares, the idea of getting something that will die to commemorate someone dying, doesn’t sound especially positive.

We are not trying to be down on anyone who picks out well-chosen flowers or who is tight for money and maybe having a hard time with grief themselves that that’s all they can choose. However, if you are looking for something a bit different, you may be surprised to learn of the huge variety of alternatives there are out there.

In the following post therefore, we are going to highlight just a few of our favourite alternatives to flowers as gift for people who have experienced loss recently.

Handwritten Not And/or Card

For us, cards are very much a part and parcel of the gift sending process, no matter the occasion. So, whenever we send sympathy gifts, they are always accompanied by a card with some heartfelt words If you’re tired of the mass-produced Hallmark sympathy cards you can buy just about anywhere, you may want to consider investing in a blank card with a beautiful picture on the front.

You can then fill the inside of the card with a personal message to the bereaved. Even if you are not particularly good at putting words together in a nice way, there’s places you can look online for that. It’s important not worry too much about it though, because even if it’s not the fanciest poem in the world, the fact that it has been penned by you and clearly written by hand, will mean a whole lot more than the mass-produced alternative.

Sympathy Gift Basket

A sympathy gift basket may not immediately strike you as a particularly nice idea to send someone suffering the loss of a loved one. However, while they are a little quirky, many who have received them have praised them. Not only is it a nice way to show you are thinking of them, everyone needs a pick me up in some way during grief, and a box full of treats and snacks can be a great way to ensure they get that. Moreover, if it is a large family you are sending it to, the kids and adults will appreciate having things to nibble on those darker days.

Check if There is Already an In Lieu of Flowers Note

Often bereaved individuals and families will have already given suggestions for alternatives to flowers. It’s always a good idea to check the funeral home website, speak directly to the funeral home or even check the obituary to see if the family or individuals in question have offered any suggestions.

A Memorial Stone and Tree or Shrub

Although we said this post would offer alternatives to flowers, we didn’t say it would not include any plants at all. Shrubs and trees do not die out so easily, and often if they are well looked after, they won’t die at all. Therefore, if you get a memorial stone with a nice inscription alongside a tree or shrub, it can be a nice lasting tribute to the deceased.