Store Like a Pro: Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

Organization inside a storage unit is key to staying sane and being able to access the things that you need when you need them. No one wants to head to their storage unit and spend hours digging through every box to find one item.

Whether you need to access your storage unit often or you simply want to just keep storage unit organized during an office relocation, these tips can help you do just that.

1. Keep Box Sizes Uniform

Keeping your box sizes uniform in your storage unit can help you stay as organized as possible. This is because uniform box sizes allow you to stack and access them easily. If you have boxes of all sizes, you then have to try to maneuver them around and store items all around them. To save yourself the time and hassle, use as many boxes that are close in size as possible.

2. Know the Items You Plan to Use Often

Identify and know which items you will need to use often. During the holidays, you may find yourself in and out of your storage unit multiple times to find decorations, pull out chinaware, and locate winter coats and jackets. Knowing which items you will use often and placing them near the front of the storage unit will help you not only stay organized but allow you to get in and out of your unit quickly without any time wasted. Moreover, you can also look for a storage facility similar to Storage Post to get added benefits such as various-sized units, stacked locker storage, climate-controlled, premium units with extra space for movement, etc., for easy access to your belongings.

3. Label Items

If you have not already done so, label your boxes and place a master inventory list on them. We promise you; it will help. If you ever need to find an item and do not know where it is, simply look at the inventory list and quickly identify where the item is without tearing your unit apart in the process.

4. Create Pathways for Yourself

Create pathways within the storage unit so that you can move about within the unit, and you do not feel boxed in or like you are unable to move about. You should also organize the unit so that you do not trip over your items inside.

5. Add New Boxes Accordingly

As the holidays move along, you will find that you will be adding more moving boxes to your unit and storing more items, especially if you are gifted new furniture, etc. You want to make sure that you add the boxes to your unit accordingly and you create an inventory list for them as well. You want to avoid just tossing items into the unit, as this will just cause confusion for you.

6. Use Appropriate Security Measures

Keeping your belongings in a storage unit could make you think about the security and access control facilities provided by the company. So, when searching for a storage unit, check what type of locking system they are providing. Some storage companies may provide you with self storage gate access keypad, double locking system, card or fingerprint unlocking, and even a wireless alarm for all-around safety. Before opting for a particular service ask them about their storage unit security protocols and emergency response methods.

Keep Up with Your Storage Unit

It can be easy to lose control of your storage unit and you may find that it quickly becomes disorganized. With the above tips in mind, your storage unit can stay as organized as possible.