Tips For Optimizing Your Business Website For Visibility And Function

In a world largely powered by technology, it pays to know the ins and outs of the internet.  For small business entrepreneurs, it is even more essential to understand the key components of website optimization.  Search engine optimization (as it has been appropriately named), is one of the most useful skills a web designer can learn.  

Once designers master the art of SEO (like those who designed this website), owners can rest assured that their website will be seen by consumers searching the internet for information.  Take a moment to look over this short compilation of a few tips for optimizing a business website for visibility and function.  

Thorough keyword research wins the race

All search engines run on a specific algorithm that seeks out specific keywords to identify the purpose of the content on every page of the internet.  The keyword identifiers allow search engines to check for validity throughout a website’s design and produce the best matches to the search criteria.  

Google Keyword Planner is a great software tool to provide a wide range of searchable terms pertaining to the topic on the table.  The planner provides information on how often terms are searched.  Just remember to incorporate the keywords exactly as they are written in the Google Keyword Planner.

Provide important information regarding the business

It is vital that website designers provide all the information a person could possibly be looking to find, or at least most of it.  The homepage of any website should offer the public more information about the company like, who runs the business and a few success stories from satisfied clients.  

It is pretty much the standard to add an “About Us” and “Contact Us” link to every homepage.  These subpages make it easier for a company to build rapport with their potential and current customers.  

Create enriching and entertaining content

Enriching blog posts can put a struggling website on the map.  When people invest their time and attention into following a favorite blogger, there is a relationship built between readers and writers.  

Blog posts are also great for spreading a company’s content all over the internet and providing more chances for people to stumble upon their site.  If the blog is visible enough, a site can easily build a sufficient web of backlinks from other popular web pages to their own.  

Optimize for mobile access

The prevalence of mobile devices is widespread, and the people of the world show no sign of losing interest in their handheld friends.  Every website should be optimized for mobile use, no exceptions.  

Websites that take forever to load or require a pinch and swipe to view should be considered outdated.  No one wants to wait for images to download just to view a page.