The Top Aspects You should Always Remember when Designing a Pop Up Banner

The pop up or pull up banner is a very effective tool to get your message across, but it needs to be designed well in order to be as productive as possible. That’s where the difficulty lies: the design. The banner is incredibly handy; it’s easy to set up, easy to roll up, even easier to transport and store – but unless you design it well, this incredibly handy marketing tool may not give you your desired results.

Luckily, designing an effective roller banner is not that difficult; all you have to do is keep some elementary guidelines in mind, which experts in the field of design are more than happy to provide. Here are the top aspects you should always consider when designing a pop up or pull up banner.

Logo and slogan

You may be advertising a certain product or service, but you’re also advertising your company, your brand, and your image – make sure your pop up banners reflect not only the message you have for your customer, but also the character of your company and brand. Put your logo and slogan at the top of the banner, proudly and boldly.

Left to right, top to bottom

Unless your audience speaks Arabic, they will read from left to right and from top to bottom – so it’s important to put the most striking and important parts of your message at the left side and at the top. Your average reader doesn’t spend more than three seconds looking at a banner unless something sparks their interest, so grab their attention immediately – from the top.

Simple message

Keep your message as simple as possible – in the case of roll up banners, less is really more. People don’t have patience to read a large amount of words, so keep it as short and as clear as possible.

Striking visuals

Graphics are often a great idea though not necessarily required; they should only be included when they have relevance and enhance your message. However, always use striking colours that appeal to your target demographic.

Go for quality

Never try to save money if it means the quality of your banner and its print will suffer. Your pop up banner is like a calling card, and its perceived quality will reflect on you, your business, your brand, and your product.

One more thing needs to be mentioned: make sure you include a call to action (for example: “Call us!,” “Ask us how!,” or “Collect your free sample!”) along with your contact information. You want the audience to spring into action, and you want them to know how to contact you. Keep your design simple but profound, your message short and clear, and your pop up banner is sure to give you an excellent return on investment.


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